Demonic Bowden on the Mk Ultra Child Sex Grooming Agenda


Featured Image – Dominic Bowden – Media Works / whores very own Hollywood reporter and child sex grooming entertainment show expert. Also host of the serial date rape entertainment show – The Bachelor. Paid to poison the minds and souls of young Kiwis.

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As I have said, the New Zealand media is a “child sex abuse and child drug movement”. Spymaster

Has Dominatrix Bowden said a word on the Hollywood pedogate child sex grooming scandals? Not sure if he has.

We do know he was sent there around the same time that Media Works was taken over by a Jewish owned foreign investment fund, also around the same time that John Serial Kiddie Fiddler Key was placed here in power by Goldman Sachs and then also started visiting his fellow zioworm mates in un-Holy-wood.

Others have said Bowden is a Jewish family name – like that legal highs / teen suicide creep Matt Bowden. Possibly also related.

Interesting etymology on his name : Demonic Bow Down. In plain sight.

Bowden use to run a nightclub right underneath Show Girls Stripclub in Auckland and the massage parlor upstairs. They had a nice little smoking area just out the back where the strippers, hookers and other aspiring young actresses could smoke crack before, after and during their shifts.

Usually quite a loudmouth isn’t he? But seems to have gone very quiet.

Major alert – DO NOT let any of these show biz types anywhere near your children NZ…until they speak out at least and condemn PedoWood and their mates.  Which will be a very cold day in hell no doubt.

Legal Disclaimer – Media Whores cannot say for certain just how many of these people you see in your foreign bank owned demonic MK Ultra mind control media are crack whores, sexual perverts, serial rapists, pedophiles and Satanists, but the problem is clearly rife, if not how the entire operation is run. The best defense Kiwis have against this MK Ultra pedophilia posing as entertainment, is to first learn what it is. See videos below. Most have been sexually abused and groomed from a very young age, often forced to become transsexuals, and they want your children to be next it would seem….It starts by hooking them in, then inviting them to one of their ‘events’, then the after party…..many end up hooked on crack and meth within a few months then spend the next 5 years ‘working’ to pay for their habit. Some of the very worst and violent cases end up in politics. Their victims are being urged to speak out and warn others….


Image – Opps, that one is actually Charlie Sheen, now also accused of being a crack addict pedo, like so much of Hollywood and those who work there these days. Not to be confused with Dominic Bowden of Media Whorks. Surely Bowden would not be involved in this sort of carry on. Just seems odd he hasn’t commented. Feel free to below. 


Image – The Key family with masonic child sex kidnapping victims, Katie Perry


Image – Lorde– not what you think ‘she’ is. Some argue another child kidnapping victim turned into a ‘star’. 

Media Works Logo - XXX/ 666

Image – Media Works logo – XXX = 666 =  free media porn for your children, 24 hours per day. 

7 Days of Sodomy & Pedophilia – MediaWorks & the Child Abuse Agenda

Is the New Zealand Corporate Media Just a Front for Child Abuse Rings?


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