Sun Diety Sabbath $pecial – the Bible Explained for ‘Christians’


Featured Image – an artists impression of the sacred heart of Jesus/ Jupiter / Zeus.  To ascend into the heavens/ Crown chakra / pineal gland – you have to see through the artificial duality and go into the heart. Every photo you have ever seen of Jesus / J.C/ Julius Caesar has had an Orsini / Rothschild family face painted on it. They are your Gods. 


As promised – here is the low down on the Bible and modern day Christianity – since it was plagiarized from the pagan’s and used by the 666 club to invade and conquor the world.

  1. God is Light. God is a burning Fire. The Son of God is of course the Sun of God. 21 Bible verses about Light
  2. Your savior, the Sun of God, rises each morning in the East and saves everybody from the darkness and cold and makes food grow. He walks across the water as he rises and turns water into wine every year as the grapes grow and become ready for harvest. These are the ‘miracles’ of the Sun of God, your savior. He is then crucified every Easter/ East Star at the solstice before ‘rising’ again 3 days later and starting his journey across the skies for summer (winter down under)
  3. The Sun of God is said to have been crucified at age 33. There are 33 bones in your back leading up to the base of brain and your pineal gland. By following God’s law and avoiding the 7 deadly sins, you are able to raise the ‘Christos’ or holy fluid in your body up those 33 bones to activate your pineal gland and ‘see God’. The Bible states that Jacob came face to face with God and survived – he called that place “Penial”. Check out the giant pine cone statue outside the Vatican. The Bible states that this fluid, the Christos or “Christ is in YOU”. Not outside of you. ie) you have to save yourself by following God’s law. This is the biggest threat to the so called ‘anti Christ’ and thus why Google are removing all such links and info from their search results.”Pineal” is not even included in their spell checker.
  4. God commands that thou shalt not kill. Nor consume blood. When you do so you are polluting your own blood with the blood of animals and this keeps you trapped in an animal state of consciousness, or dumbed down if you will, and poisons your body causing all sorts of illnesses and disease due to the terror, violence and fear you are eating. You are what you eat. Your blood must be pure if you want to ascend into the ‘heavens’ / Crown chakra. This diet is clearly laid out in Genesis. Killing and then eating dead animals is a type of satanic ritual that has grown over time from a local farmer killing a sheep or cow once a month, to factory farming and vaccine and antibiotic injected Burger King/ KFC/ MacDonald’s drive thru burgers – which are demonic.  If this dietary truth frightens you, then you clearly have never tried a good vege pizza or pasta. Google is busy removing all honest links to the so called Genius / Genesis Diet
  5. The Bible is a flat earth book from start to finish. You are, and always have been living on a flat, although admittedly quite bumpy flat Earth plane. Not a PlaneT. If you believe you are the descendant of monkeys, flying through space at a gazillion miles per hour while spinning around at 1000 miles per hour, while the waters of the oceans lay flat, level and calm before your very eyes, you are not a Christian, you are a brainwashed ‘satanist’ who has no idea even who you are, or where you live. ie) detached from your creator and reality. Google (now called Alphabet Incorporated) is busy removing all good references to the Flat earth Bible quotes.
  6. The Bible states on more than one occasion that “God is no respecter of persons”. Person being a legalese / Hebrew term for a registered corporation for a living man, thus making you a fictional dead entity and not a real living man at all. When you sign / sin for G-od that legal / Crowned owned name, you are in fact sinning as you deny your own divinity and give away your soul. Rothschild money worshiping pseudo / fake Christians around the World do this on a daily basis, in defiance of God’s law which instructs you to use your heart and stay in honor. Be honest ie) let your word be your word. Why do you sign a contract with the Crown/Cronus Satan or use their copyrighted legal name? It is because you don’t trust your neighbors, let alone love them, nor yourselves. This is called “selling your soul to the devil” and it is of course a ‘sin’.
  7. Israel Is Real but it is in fact Isis Ra and eL, the Moon, Sun and Elohim / stars above you. Not some dirty rotten terrorist racist piece of stolen land in the Middle East. You idiots.
  8. The Temple of Solomon is in fact the Temple of the Soul of Man, your very own body, which if you purify your blood by avoiding the 7 deadly sins and balancing the 12 cell salts (which are found in nature and come from those 12 discs /disciples/ lights in the sky) you will ‘rebuild’ your temple and ‘ascend’.
  9. The holy grail is the holy vessel and was never lost, only hidden from you, in fact most people can find it in their bedrooms. It is also hidden in plain sight in the Media Whores logo if you take a look. When you defile it, abuse it, even lie or cheat on it, you destroy it’s divinity and thus your own along with it.

Fk it, time for brunch and a coffee.

Santos Bonacci can explain more below.

This stuff will go way over the heads of most Christians, mostly due to their dead animal diets and the massive TV and new age Zionist church induced dumbing down they have undergone in recent decades.

Not that we are sitting on some high horse here – there will be feta and fish on today’s pizza and some organic milk and honey in the coffee. The point is simply that these idiots who call themselves Christians have no fkg idea what they are, nor what they are talking about. They are hypocrites and fools… on a biblical scale. The lot of them. They are under Masonic mind control and so far from their creator/ God that it beggars /buggers belief. They are all in fact part of a giant Masonic Death Cult, run by the Bal worshiping biBal  ‘Zionists’ who have hijacked their beloved God and replaced ancient Pagan Christian truths and universal laws with sodomy and genocide, on behalf of an impostor/ satanic “Israel”. Modern day Christianity is in fact a giant Rothschild run sodomy ring and they worship Rothschild money, power, greed and Satanism, not ‘God’ – while supporting the past 15-2000 years of illegal wars and ethnic cleansing around the World. They don’t even know what God is. There is no intellectual honesty to even bother finding out. Their fraudulent Rothschild Saviour (and another bank loan) is coming in the clouds to wipe their bums for them, any day soon…..right up until the day that they are suicided in a Rothschild military government run ‘hospital’, in a heroin/ pain killer induced state of drug induced blissful ignorance, as they have been their entire lost lives…bless their souls.

Amen Ra.


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