The Full Unreported Extent of the PedoWood Scandal


Featured Image – the cast at ‘Jewish’ banker owned Media Works – are they covering the full extent of Hollywood Pedogate scandal? One suspects not.

“Jamie Dlux” coverage of the full extent of the un-Holy-wood scandal below

Seems Media Works and the NZ media in general are being a bit selective in what they report on. Most likely because it makes it appear that the entire corporate media is some kind of MK Ultra child abuse and grooming movement, posing as news and entertainment. Something ourselves and others have been saying for a long time, although not widely reported on.

Jamie’s videos below – but first a quick look at our own recent entertainment industry sex scandals – click to enlarge.

Keep in mind that many of the children of the demonic ‘elite’ choose to go into the entertainment industry. And most of them were abused as children themselves. Its normal behavior for a lot of them. As is dressing up in high fashion all the time.

As I have said, the New Zealand media is a “child sex abuse and child drug movement”. Spymaster

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2 thoughts on “The Full Unreported Extent of the PedoWood Scandal”

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    Nz-sold says:

    sick fks, such a sad excuse for ‘comedians’ So glad someone else sees how obvious it is with these corporate thugs

    One article you had on him that simply said guy williams – say no more.. So fkn true man!

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