Australian Political Prisoner Brendon O’Connell Speaks from New Zealand Jail


Featured Image – Brendon O’Connell in happier days before he took it upon himself to expose the Jewish Zionist mafia in Australia.


Australian political prisoner Brendon O’Connell has apparently spoken from his New Zealand jail cell where he is being kept for 23 hours per day under maximum security.

Australians are usually granted an automatic tourist visa when arriving in NZ, but not O’Connell. Brendon exposed the Jewish Zionist mafia in Australia, their child sex kidnapping and meth trafficking, as well as their plans for World (anal) domination and so was arrested “on character grounds” upon his arrival in NZ and has been held in prison for the past 6 weeks. This is being done by the ‘liberal’ Zionist / Goldman Sachs controlled Jacinda Ardern Government.

O’Connell was handed down a total of 11 years in jail in Perth after insulting a Jewish street worker by the name of Stanley Elliot Keyser who he caught perving on him and taking his photo without asking. He served a total of 3 years. Most Australians who have served jail time for non violent crimes pass over our borders with no problems. Exposing Zionist Jewish corruption and power is of course a ‘special’ case with extra special punishment outside of the law for those who dare.

Kelvin Davis MP, the new minister of corrections who appears to be helping cover up the alleged Northland Masonic child abuse rings and the alleged suiciding of their young victims, and Iain Lees-Galloway the new minister of Immigration have refused to answer official information requests on his status so far.

Again we see the total hypocrisy of our Jewish/ Goldman Sachs/ Rothschild run private corporate government as they all campaign for more refugees from Manus Island, even as they unlawfully kidnap and disappear our own neighbors. Apparently it is Ok for the Masons to rape hundreds of children in NZ, just don’t question their power or you will be arrested at the border and put in a max security jail.

He describes the state of NZ’s Goldman Sachs/ Jewish Zionist prisons… third World. Much like our suicide rates, road toll, homelessness and child abuse stats these days….

You will also notice that he claims to have had a court hearing in the recording below – so NZ’s corrupt Masonic media run one story in breach of his privacy to paint him up as some kind of mad man, but have deliberately omitted the court hearing and any follow up. The pedophile ring of power all work together. The author of this article has since removed his name – Harrison Christian. How does one rule out that he is not yet another pedophile satanist being bribed by the shadow government? And who in the government illegally leaked him the initial information in breech of NZ law?

The members of the Jacinda Ardern Government – as well as the judge/s O’Connell has spoken with now all stand accused of treason for breaching NZ law and United Nations conventions on treatment of prisoners, which we are signatories to, as they ignore the laws they are appointed to enforce and follow the orders of the Jewish Zionist mafia and government instead. These fraudsters and sell outs must face trial for their crimes, or our Nation is gone.


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    Lee says:

    Glad to see your comments are back up. Getting to the nitty gritty. Of the 600 child and youth suicides, just how many were suicided to cover up the paedophile rings, most especially referring to the “cluster” of suicides in Northland. It should be recalled that the Far North was the target of original paedophile infestation by church and Government authorities. Paedophile infestation works in that 1 paedophile gets to on average about 200 vulnerable children (so the more vulnerable they are via Govt departments the better). Of those 200 vulnerable children 1 in 8 becomes a paedophile. Creating in effect 25 paedophiles. Then that becomes 275 paedophiles. Then times 25 becomes about 10,000. So as to totally saturate society with a paedophile agenda. America has lots of trouble with this saturation effect now. THE KEY GOVT obviously was involved in the deliberate “suiciding of NZ children”. Via specialist child and youth suicide teams, trained in NZ, and then these teams are sent internationally. That in fact NZ is the paedophile hub for the pacific basin. That in fact no child or youth is safe from these suicide teams in NZ. So it is not just the cover up of the massive paedophilia going on, it is also the training and practice for these International teams in NZ. Learning how to use a compliant and complicit Judge / coroner to sign off the murders as suicide. All this stuff has to be taught to the new Zionist and Govt child suicide teams. Out of the 600 child and youth suicides in the past 12 months in NZ at least 300 of those will have been murder. And killing just for practice and training and “fun”. John Key is already known to have had a very convenient suicide with the girl from Te Kuiti that he was having an affair with. Chris Finlayson, John Key, Nick Smith, Bill English, and many others will have been deliberately involved in setting the paedophile enabler witch Judge Lowell Goddard into the ELITE PAEDOPHILE RING INQUIRY, so as to totally derail it. As such, they are all guilty of plotting to (1) gang rape UK children (2) sadistically torture UK children and (3) kill or murder UK children. As massive International criminals. UK boys need to set their sights on the NZ political and judicial and police criminals who have deliberately set about the ongoing gang rape, sadistic torture and killing of UK children, by the deliberate derailing of that inquiry.

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