How to Report Zionist Terrorists & Masonic Sex Offenders to Authorities


A handy little report from Brendon O’Connell on how to report Zionist terrorists to authorities.

They have stormed over our borders in recent years and some are spying on us all for their homeland – according to reports below.

This will work for reporting Masonic child abusers also – often the same thing according to some.

They may be working right next to you, they might be your boss, or even someone you have drinks with.

Often you can tell them by their eyes. Soulless. You will sense they are up to no good. Follow your intuition.

They could be doing things like stealing money from work, hacking cell phone records, turning off someone’s internet, manipulating Google search results, or adding fees to their targets’ bank account. Or even abusing children in the basement on their smoko breaks. Keep an eye out! Then report them as per below…

Your Nation needs you…




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