Jack Tame & Jacinda Ardern – Demonic “X” Symbolism on TVNZ


Featured Image – Jack Tame interviews Jacinda Ardern about being mistaken for transvestite leader Justine Trudeau’s wife.


Sounds like there was more to this story, which has somehow made front page news all day.

What we noticed however is the ‘satanic’ “X” symbols TVNZ runs across the screen as they broadcast. Lulling Kiwis into a demonic trance, day after day.

Take a look and ask yourself – why do they put a giant “X” moving across the screen as Jasonderrella talks? They also use the giant Saturn’s rings which we have covered, as well as chemtrail like clouds and of course the ball earth ballshit.

Tell-a-lie-vision ‘programming’ – run from Tel Aviv – is pure mind control. The actors and their words are only a small part of it. It is primarily done with symbols in the background.

Also note how often Jacinda licks her lips – it is a struggle for this ‘women’ to keep her teeth in her mouth. Pause it or slow it down to see those almost non human teeth leap out of her mouth as she speaks. They seem really jagged in some stills  and then straight and normal in others. Very weird.

Doco on the Babylonian X symbolism further down….it is all around you these days. Underneath that a doco on how they put child porn images into their programming to slowly turn you into a pedo via your subconscious. TV is not news and entertainment, it is a form of ‘satanic’ Mk Ultra mind control, and disinformation.

Perhaps the most astounding thing about this ‘news’ piece, is that there is still no word from the mainstream media or Jacinda Ardern on the Masonic child abuse rings and mass suiciding of Kiwi youth – posted again below….they are all smiling for the cameras as it is being done, and covered up.

At Least Three More “Suspected” Whangarei Suicides in Past Few Days – Sheryl Mai


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  1. I saw in Stuffed today Jacinda is already pouring cold water to the idea of a Pike River Mine re-entry and no word from Winston who said a mine re-entry is a non negotiable part of any coalition deal! but then after having observed every election since the schnapps election under Muldoon, the only thing that has changed is the rich are more wealthy and the workers push more shit uphill than ever!

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