Is Jack Tame Another Masonic Mk Ultra Child Grooming Victim?


Featured Image – Jack Tame. Even the Herald has admitted he is “Creepy”


Following on from Jack Tame’s 10 minute interview with Jason Derella about whether or not she was mistaken for transvestite child sex grooming victim Justin Trudeau’s wife while away spending our tax money on lavish overseas trips for the new Rothschild corporate slave system – Media Whores thought we would post a few more of the big real news items that this fake news fool seems to have missed. We then ask readers to consider this question – is Jack Tame another one of these ‘elite’ (which actually means inbred) child grooming victims now under Masonic MK Ultra mind control?

We can safely ask this question of course, because as we have proven over the past year, the very last thing the handlers of these clowns want is a court hearing where it all gets discussed on public record, so instead the strategy is simply to try and ignore it all and hope it doesn’t catch on with the viewing pubic. They censor by ignoring as Greg Hallett once stated, before being chased out of NZ and forced into exile. Not sure Hallett really had the access to Facebook and Twitter in his day however and now one can get a story like this out to around 100,000 people in a few hours – as we saw yesterday with our story on Dominic Bowden which has hit 50,000 odd in just over 24 hours. It is certainly a game changer. We know when our articles have gone mega viral when the views start going backwards then just suddenly stop. This one dropped from 100 odd to 8 in the first few minutes.

There is a new trend of omitting or confusing these people’s background and family info on their Wikipedo pages so that it is harder to check up facts on them. The only things that stand out to us on Jack Tame’s Wikipedo page is that his birth day has not been verified, and also that his mother was a school principle in Christchurch.

You would think that given his mother was a well known school principle that Jack Tame would be at least somewhat interested in the stories emerging that the Masons and their various new age church spinoff’s are drugging and sodomising children on a Biblical scale here in NZ these days, thanks to new age drugs which makes it possible for them to drug entire classrooms of kids at a time while they safely abuse them – while filming it for their databases and the black market trade in such. Yes it is a horrible thing to report on, but not nearly as horrible as the fact that it is not being reported on at all in the mainstream. And thus why we are doing it. Jack Tame has apparently missed all of it.

Ref – the Justin Davis Files –

Nine Children in Invercargill Suddenly Faint on Stage and Rushed to Hospital 

Cindy George and her 3 children drugged and murdered in their ‘friends’ home (our article has been removed from Google search, presumably by Google NZ upon request, possibly proving they are involved also, or at least have one of these people working for them. We repost it below)

Putaruru Family all drop suddenly unconscious in their home after eating “wild pork” (our article also removed from Google search now, so we repost it below)

There is not much other info on Jack Tame’s Wikipedo page – but the obvious questions we would have are : Does his family claim to have “survived the holocaust”? (Many of these people claim to be Jewish, but lie). Have they changed their family name since WWII to “Tame”?. Do they claim to be “Jewish” or are they members of one of the new Masonic mind control Rothschild owned Churches such as the Mormons or the Jehovah Witnesses, which have now both been exposed as child sex grooming and serial sodomy operations, posing as salvation? Our money is on the Witnesses actually, but only Jack could answer that – some reading this will no doubt know. We would bet all of our sponsorship money that it will be one of the above.

Silent Lambs – website dedicated to how the Jehovah Witnesses love and promote their pedophiles over their actual kids. 

Mormon Stories – website dedicated to how the Mormons protect and groom pedophiles in their ranks so they can sodomise as many children as humanly possible. 

Jack Tame was also deployed to and based in New York on behalf of tax payers a few years back according to his Wiki – New York probably being ahead of L.A in terms of its Masonic child rape clubs, although far less reported. In fact it will be the bankers on the East Coast who will be running the West Coast child abuse rings, rest assured, they are just twice as powerful and so will not be in the papers.

So how does Jack Tame miss all of the scandals we see breaking over there now? Has NZ’s shadow synagogue Government bought Jack Tame back to NZ before it all starts looking a bit too obvious perhaps?

We include some of the stories about the massive mainstream media and entertainment child sex grooming pedophile rings that have been breaking in the US of late, while jack Tame smiles for the cameras here, his hair perfect everyday, his tongue sticking out of his mouth, like some sort of anti christ raving sexual deviant, some might say, and remaining blissfully unaware of all of the evil that surrounds him.

This is the exact match of a man under some very serious Mk Ultra child ritual sodomy mind control. Although of course, we could not confirm that and have seen no direct evidence of such. Our intent is simply to try and break the spell and get the real news across – for the public’s safety. Jack Tame and the likes are sure as hell not going to touch it. Doing so might even encourage other victims to come forward. We may even start to see the same avalanche in NZ soon, as the victims of these people awaken from their Mk Ultra sodomy slumber, as is happening overseas.

First up – how jack Tame has remained silent on the suiciding of children in the Far North by the masons who have been abusing them….this is the biggest story of the year here in NZ and they are all, or course,  covering it up, as they are paid to do, by us. Following that we repost some of the best Mk Ultra research which shows how many if not most of these freaks in our media have been gang banged since birth and are now locked under deep state Masonic mind control – rewarded with money, drugs and sex on the one proviso that they do NOT disclose or report on any of the ongoing abuse, which is all around them, daily. If you think innocent little Jack Tame has just sort of missed all, or most of this, you need your head read also and are probably part of the ‘club’ – wittingly or otherwise.

if Jack Tame wanted to prove us wrong of course – all he need do is put aside the promise of trinkets and b grade fame, and report on the following. Or just tweet it.

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