The Kochummen Family of Putaruru – a Masonic Murder Cover up Taking Place?


These people have been poisoned.

The “botulism” story being pushed is absolute bullshit. It does not cause unconsciousness, not least for 9 days.

So the Waikato DHB don’t know what they are dealing with here, or are actively helping cover it up.

And the same “Church friends” who found them are the same ones issuing statements on the family’s behalf, and the same ones now looking after their children for them. You can’t get anymore suspect than that can you?

Therefore the police should be involved. Immediately. Why are the police not involved, or issuing statements? Jason Henderson is the officer in charge of that region. Has an investigation been launched? If not, then why the hell not? What is it that you guys do all day anyway? Three people are now paralyzed in hospital, the hospital clearly has no idea what they are dealing with, or are covering it up, and their children are in the hands of the same people that found them, and the police aren’t even asking questions? God help us. We are living in the twilight zone.

John Campbell did a piece the other day on the Waikato DHB chief taking lavish overseas trips all the time while being paid bonuses. He has now resigned. These people are fkg criminals and cannot be trusted. Read the Justin Davis quote below about the pedophiles having everyone in their pockets.

“Former chief executive Nigel Murray, who was on a salary of $560,000, resigned in early October over mounting concern over his spending.”  – Radio NZ

And another one – Brett Paradine resigned today over stolen money scandal.

This is the perfect example of just how asleep, and useless the tax payer funded system has become.

Sayanim agents in the hospital could be trying to finish it off as we speak for all we know and God help those children in the care of a bloody Hamilton Church.

Those children are NOT safe with those church members, nor any church members in our opinion.

Are we watching a murder cover up and child kidnapping attempt take place before our very eyes?

Waikato family sick from eating wild boar still unresponsive

“The relatives of family members who are unable to move or talk after eating wild boar will land in New Zealand from southern India late tomorrow night.

A Waikato DHB spokeswoman confirmed husband and wife Shibu Kochummen, 35, and Subi Babu, 32, and Kochummen’s 62-year-old mother, Alekutty Daniel are still in a serious but stable condition in a ward at Waikato Hospital.

The trio fell ill nine days ago from what is thought to be caused from eating contaminated wild boar and have been responding to botulism treatment.

The exact cause of their illness may not be confirmed for several weeks as samples have been sent to Queensland for testing

Meanwhile the couple’s two children, aged 7 and 1, are being cared by members of their church in Hamilton while they wait for relatives to arrive from India.

Close friend Joji Varghese said the family was due to arrive from a 17-hour flight at midnight on Monday. They had been working hard to arrange visas since the family had been admitted to hospital.

He said once the family arrived, he would sit down and work out with them what was best for the couple’s children. The 7-year-old had not returned to school in Putaruru since her parents had fallen ill.

Varghese said the 1-year-old was unaware of the severity of the situation and had formed an emotional bond with members of the church, while the older daughter was “missing her parents badly”.  

Other comments and stories regarding dead, sick and missing children: – also not investigated….

Glad to see your comments are back up. Getting to the nitty gritty. Of the 600 child and youth suicides, just how many were suicided to cover up the paedophile rings, most especially referring to the “cluster” of suicides in Northland. It should be recalled that the Far North was the target of original paedophile infestation by church and Government authorities. Paedophile infestation works in that 1 paedophile gets to on average about 200 vulnerable children (so the more vulnerable they are via Govt departments the better). Of those 200 vulnerable children 1 in 8 becomes a paedophile. Creating in effect 25 paedophiles. Then that becomes 275 paedophiles. Then times 25 becomes about 10,000. So as to totally saturate society with a paedophile agenda. America has lots of trouble with this saturation effect now. THE KEY GOVT obviously was involved in the deliberate “suiciding of NZ children”. Via specialist child and youth suicide teams, trained in NZ, and then these teams are sent internationally. That in fact NZ is the paedophile hub for the pacific basin. That in fact no child or youth is safe from these suicide teams in NZ. So it is not just the cover up of the massive paedophilia going on, it is also the training and practice for these International teams in NZ. Learning how to use a compliant and complicit Judge / coroner to sign off the murders as suicide. All this stuff has to be taught to the new Zionist and Govt child suicide teams. Out of the 600 child and youth suicides in the past 12 months in NZ at least 300 of those will have been murder. And killing just for practice and training and “fun”. John Key is already known to have had a very convenient suicide with the girl from Te Kuiti that he was having an affair with. Chris Finlayson, John Key, Nick Smith, Bill English, and many others will have been deliberately involved in setting the paedophile enabler witch Judge Lowell Goddard into the ELITE PAEDOPHILE RING INQUIRY, so as to totally derail it. As such, they are all guilty of plotting to (1) gang rape UK children (2) sadistically torture UK children and (3) kill or murder UK children. As massive International criminals. UK boys need to set their sights on the NZ political and judicial and police criminals who have deliberately set about the ongoing gang rape, sadistic torture and killing of UK children, by the deliberate derailing of that inquiry.”

Make no mistake the pedophiles have police and cyfs in there pockets. M.P. Nick Smith got a child [@#$%^] club running right out of his office by a guy called Dan Dolejs, who has links to the most powerful pedophiles in this country. If the head of the wellington hospital emergency department Dr Paul Quigley is getting away with drugging and [@#$%^&*] children, which is filmed , what else do you think might be going on ?” – Justin Davis


Are the Masons Covering Up their Latest Child Abuse Drugging Attempt in Putaruru?

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