Lone Star Restaurant Satanic 666 Symbolism


Featured Image – Lone Star restaurant logo – the upside down pyramid . Equilateral of course, 3 x 60 degree angles. 666. 88 = HH = Heil Hitler, the founding father of Israel. Accidentally or not. 

Media Whores in no way wishes to imply that Lone Star restaurant was set up by Satanic Freemasons, nor would we wish to imply that would mean they are in ANY WAY involved in masonic ritual sodomy or masonic ritual child abuse. Nor that they could be poisoning their over sized food menu for the Goy in any way. Although we would be interested in knowing if they use so called “natural flavours” HEK293 proteins in their sauces.

Erm…keep an open mind and enjoy your meal 🙂 All of these ‘satanic’ references could just be a coincidence.

Lone Star restaurant satanic symbolism:

The upside down pyramid above. Bit of a give away

The Lone Star pentagram – bit of a give away



The Lone Star red/ communist pentagram. 

Lone Star black cube (666) at Pukekohe franchise – across the road from the Pukekohe Freemasons

Lonestar Pukekohe Black Cube
Lonestar Pukekohe Black Cube


Lone Star video promo on their website. note the Auschwitz tattoo and demonic emblem on black t-shirt. Out of a potential 350 waitresses, they just happened to chose the one with the Auschwitz tattoo. In plain site. …as per usual.

Other food and masonic restaurant related news – not in any way necessarily related:




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