Rothschild’s Private Sodomy NZ Army Prepares for “Political Unrest” in the South Island


Featured Image – NZ Defence Force LIMITED logo – a privately owned Rothschild globalist army based in NZ, but funded by you of course. Note the masonic 666 / 60 degree sword configuration – also a giant X symbol for Saturn/ planet X – also the reference to the Nazi phoenix. 


Soldier – Sold your soul. 

Check out these lying deceptive bastards and how they make up false history to suit themselves and their genocidal agenda…

Stop pretending you have any honor or respect for the past you clowns. You are a bunch of war criminals and your entire organization is based on lies, deception, and murder. You have NO honor and are engaged in TREASON, selling out your Nation for a foreign power, while under oath. You work for Jewish Zionist war criminals, terrorists, fascists  and global child sex offenders and drug traffickers – not New Zealand. It is a disgrace to our Nation and those who went before you.


What would happen if the NZ public demanded an end to the dropping of 1080 poison in their water supplies? Or the fluoridation of such?

What if they refused to pay their taxes to a corrupt, child trafficking Goldman Sachs run Government?

What if they suddenly decided to round up all of the masonic perverts in council and government and put then in camps to await trials for their serial kiddie fiddling and relentless theft of our money?

Well, rest assured Rothschild and his Persian/ semitic masters have thought of this and have it covered. Kiwis can all go safely back to sleep.

A “katipo” doesn’t defend btw – it is a poisonous bug. Operation Protect Our Corporate Perverts would be a better name.

The NZ Army is in fact a privately owned company – run by the overseas bankers, same as the Government itself. It is part of the Rothschild globalist army trained to enforce global corporate law, and uphold associated child, heroin and meth trafficking World wide. And coke for the Rothschild elites of course.

Here are the companies office records – look it up. Also interesting to note Serco NZ is called Serco Sodexo. As in Sodomise you – for satan, XXX/ 666. Its all the same global gang run by the same inbred families after all.

How many of these people realize they are working for Rothschild and the global private corporate New World Order slave system? Not many is our guess, if any.

How many would be aware of the Kay Griggs testimony, wife of a senior US Army officer, that Rothschild’s global corporate army is now run by masonic perverts all being bribed from the top down? See Brendon O’Connell video below.

How many would be aware that the Rothschilds and Israel staged 911 and have invented the entire war of terror so that they can ethnically cleanse and take over the Middle East?

These people are no better than the Nazis, or what we are told were the Nazis at least. They are war criminals in the business of genocide and child murder.

Much like everything the globalist Rothschild child, organ, meth and heroin traffickers do, you can assume their private army will be fast becoming another transvestite and LGBT movement. Not that we would want to hurt anyone’s feelings of course, just not very convinced we should be giving them all machine guns just yet and training them how to remove Coasters from their homes.


Australian Minister of “Defence” – Marisa Payne. Check out other pics on line and do the math. 


Australian Minister of Foreign ‘Affairs’ – Julie Biship – anorexic tranny man. 


Ron Mark – Minister of Defence NZ –  stands accused of treason now also. Was quite vocal in parliament for a while, but went very suddenly quiet a year or so ago. One Facebook message we saw claimed that he was ‘compromised’. We could dig that message up if anybody would like to see it. 

These war criminals are now apparently kidnapping and disappearing those who speak out about it – not least our Australian neighbors.

Australian Political Prisoner Brendon O’Connell Speaks from New Zealand Jail

Here they are in the videos below practicing the invasion of South Island homes to look for political dissidents.

How many armed men do you need to protect NZ’s ‘elite’ inbred child abusers anyway?

Who would have believed just 50 years ago that NZ would be hosting soldiers from the Middle East here to “help us” defend NZ against Kiwis who are fed up with the corrupt Government? Lest we forgot.

In one of the videos on line called “amphibious landings” one Rothschild Mk Ultra mind control victim states “to evacuate Kiwis and AGREED foreign nationals”. He stresses that point twice. Presumably all of the inbred demonic Rothschild family members hiding away in their hill top mansions with bunkers can stay if they want. They will no doubt take in all of the surviving children and produce novels and films about their enduring generosity. Where do all the Kiwis go? To Saudi and Israeli refugee camps?

This PR exercise has obviously been timed for the strategic placement of Jason / Jacinda Ardern as Goldman Sachs CEO of the Rothschild corporate franchise we call home. The heroin, meth and child trafficking must go on and these proud men and woman are stepping up to the plate….or bending over the plate might be a better description.

They even dressed one poor bastard up in a Halloween costume to help frighten everyone.


Do you kids realise just how many rural Kiwis have guns? Might pay to pack some nappies if this ever goes live.

And no doubt another $50 million on the tax payer bill to help protect the Rothschilds and their NZ corporate franchise. Most of your tax money these days simply goes on protecting and covering up Rothschild child trafficking rings. The rest of it goes on cleaning up the fall out from the meth these inbred bastards are running into our Nation. Why aren’t the army protecting the fkg borders?

If the stories we are fed about the Nazis are true – well this lot are the new generation. Also working for Rothschild, just like in WWII. This is now where we are at. Or back at. Its the same war mongering gang over and over through out history/ his-story, with the exception this time they are all “liberal” and /or LGBT, so best we don’t question it.

The featured image is of course a dude straight out of Northern Africa wearing a turban with a little communist flag painted on his sleeve. Coming to help protect NZ’s fine ‘democracy’ from any one who wants out of the Rothschild global corporate club.

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6 thoughts on “Rothschild’s Private Sodomy NZ Army Prepares for “Political Unrest” in the South Island”

  1. Skeptikc says:

    This is the history behind the consumption of children!

    For 3000 years, the Jews have sought the enslavement of all the non-Jewish peoples of the world: easily verifiable by too many of their demonic Talmudic verses, and enhanced by their Kol Nidre prayer, which together, demonstrate the intent of their ancient desire rather clearly. These are the historical blood rituals that they have performed across the ages, to hasten the desired enslavement of the world:

    I paraphrase from “Blood Passover”: “In the 11th century, non-elites were banned from practicing the blood sacrifice to reduce the danger to the community from expulsion. Henceforth there would be a drawing of the lots in Narbonne, France, giving only a few communities in Europe, the right to enact the blood sacrifice, and they would only be from the elite or rabbis that were allowed to practice it.” Thus, non-elite Jews that are not rabbis, would have no knowledge about this dark history, as it was kept fairly well hidden since the 11th century, from the rest of the diaspora.

    Further research on this extensively documented topic of Jewish Ritual Murder from across the centuries:

    Video: Child Ritual Murder Revisited

    Video: Oprah Winfrey interviews Jewish female survivor of demonic Sabbatean-Frankist sect of Judaism:

    Online Reading:

    Notes About Ritual Murders- Vladimir Ivanovich Dal:


    ebook: Blood Passover: The Jews of Europe and Ritual Murder- Ariel Toaff

    The Talmud instructs Jews in several writings, that gentiles have been placed on earth by their god to serve Jews as slaves. Is this the mindset that allows Jews to torture, mutilate and slay a gentile child to obtain his blood for use in the passover bread (matzah)? Is this the reason for Jewish ritual murder? The 1500-year history of Jewish child ritual murders speak for themselves, plus the expulsions from 109 nations, in spite of the protest of the Jews over the centuries to try to keep the macabre practise hidden so they can continue to get Christian blood in their passover matzah every year. Do Jews consider their victims simply cattle for the slaughter?

    From, Satanic Verses of the Talmud:

    * “The ‘goyim’ are not humans. They are beasts.” (Baba Mezia 114b)

    * “If you eat with a ‘goy’ it is the same as eating with a dog.” (Tosapoth, Jebamoth 94b)

    * “Even the best of the ‘goyim’ should all be killed.” (Soferim 15)

    * “Sexual intercourse between the ‘goyim’ is like intercourse between animals.” (Sanhedrin 74b)

    More on the Talmud:

    Hard Copy writings:

    book: My Irrelevant Defence Meditations inside gaol and out on Jewish Ritual Murder- Dr. Arnold Leese

    cd: Jewish Ritual Murder: An Historical Investigation- Dr. Helmutt Schramm German translated to English by R. Belser

    book: Debacle in Demascus- The 1840 Ritual Murder Case of Father Thomas- Dr. Harold Rome

    book: Judaism’s Strange God- Michael A. Hoffman II

    Newspaper- The truth at Last- documents Oprah Winfrey interview of SRA victim Vicki Pollin- Dr. Ed Fields reproduced old version of Der Sturmer newspapers writings on JRM- Dr. James Warner

    book: The Life and Miracles of St. William of Norwich- Thomas of Monmouth- Latin translated to English by Dr. A. Jessop New York State Journal of Medicine 1 Nov, 1971: Strange Murder of William of Norwich 1144- Dr. William Sharp

    book: The Matzo of Zion: Dr. Moustafa Tlass

    book: Blood Ritual- Dr. Philip De Vier video: Human Sacrifice from the fanatical Hassidic Jews from the ancient times to the present

    book: The murder of Andrei Youshchinski by former Duma member and attorney, G.G. Zamislovski

    book: Searching for the Jews who murder gentile babies: How these Jews use the babies’ blood- Dr. Vladimir Dal

    book: Revelations of the Jewish Rites Before God and the World- Michael the Neophyte- Christian convert was ex-grand rabbi of Lithuania- (MS. dated 1716; first reproduced in Pikoulski’s Zlosc Zydowska, ‘Jewish Wickedness,’ Lvov, 1760)

    book: 18 pages in Chapter 6, “Jews and Ritual Murder” of Eustace Mullins’ “Mullins’ New History of the Jews” (1968)

  2. This is very interesting
    Are We being prepared for a future event?
    A subliminal
    And what is a dissident?
    Will this coincide with a crack down on the internet
    the last Bastion of Free Speech
    And a hook in their throat
    We are hogs in the hog pen
    Prodigal Sons and Daughters
    Being subjected to and having crap rammed down Our throats on a continual basis emanating from the pig toilet
    Called the Beehive

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