The House of Trannies


Vice. Indeed. 


The Semites are having serious problems getting any real men to pretend to be their leaders for them. In fact the a-gender seems to be to get rid of men altogether. They just get in the way of Masonic and religious pedophilia.

So it is now a House of Trannies……Tranvestigations are in order….



Opps- that one is Demonic Dominic Bowden , but very small shoulders on ‘him’. 


Opps 2 – that is Alister / Alison Mau – Simon Dallow’s ex. 


Opps we did it again – that one is the chief ‘justice’ – Shawn/ Sian Elias / Alias 


His Lordship – Lorde. Ok enough already…..

Just reading the titles on these videos will be enough evidence for most people….if you find this unbelievable, first check the fluoride levels in your water, then go back and read the medical science headlines of the past 25+ years. 

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