The Ruling Persian Families Behind the Rothschild Bankers


Like him or hate him, Santos Bonacci is the only ‘truther’ naming the ruling Persian families that sit behind the Rothschild bankers. The Rothschilds are their bankers and the means by which they infiltrate and sodomize the Western World.

It is said that at some stage these families copulated with snakes and lizards and have suffered from strangely deformed genitalia ever since. Those who sleep with their demonic descendants will be aware to this day that something is not quite right, not least due to their constant demand for sodomy and blood lust. The more severely inbred of these snakes are said to even have shape shifting reptile eyes.

These families represent the ‘God’ of the material World, run by $$$ – quite clearly a reference to snakes.

God’s chosen people, or the so called fake Jews, are described by some as a gang of illegitimate $nake worshipers who come from this demonic snake seed/ bloodline, and are charged with managing their corporations, governments and money for them. They all worship money. And sodomy. The West would hardly tolerate being ruled over by a bunch of demonic inbred Semites, so they use these half ass inbred Khazar Jews to do it for them. Their bastard children if you will. They are sent in to infiltrate and destroy on behalf of their Persian masters. Chosen by God as they say. if any of them go off script and attempt to become human beings, with souls, they are quickly set up and burned in the media.

Who controls the USA? Inbred Semites do.

Even we can admit that does sound a little antisemitic – but entire books have been written on the subject none the less. And they are not real religious Jews.

Fritz Springmeier’s book “13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati” seems to miss these names and instead names all of the lower level pawns of these ruling families, such as Rockefeller, Rothschild, Russell, Windsors, etc. The Rothschilds and Windsors are in fact Orsini’s – as are most of the A -List Hollywood pedos, such as Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Tom Cruise. Almost every World leader is part of these same bloodlines, most have that big Persian beak and oily hair and skin.

So yes, it is very much “semitic” and perhaps explains why these foot soldiers of $atan who call themselves Jews are always on about “antisemitism” despite often being blond and blue eyed. It is their masters and illegitimate forefathers who are the actual Semites, and they are paid and sponsored to defend them.



To name a few. Also names the Persian family who invented Islam, as well as the Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses and most other fake religions of our time, which are essentially just global Semetic sodomy clubs. Not least the Freemasons. All of these fake religions can be traced back to the ruling sodomite Persian families, who wrote them to begin with. They are all just the same old astrology.The Medi family obviously own and run the media and medicine industry frauds.


They came out of the Persian Empire, conquored Greece and Rome (set up the Vatican- which literally means snake God) , set fire to the library of Alexandria, destroying true western history and pagan knowledge,  then set up Switzerland & London (the banking / finance arm)  then D.C and now Israel (the military arms and ISIS/ Al Qaeda etc). Placing their giant obelisks everywhere they go, usually disguised as war memorials and religious statues.

They are in effect a giant global pedophile sodomy and rape based Mk ultra military operation….posing as democracy and economics. Or the military industrial complex to quote Eisenhower. Their biggest challenge is trying to get the entire Western World to go along with bing constantly sodomised. This is mostly done using words and language, the Bar Association (the Rabbi’s) and the fake religions.












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