19 Year Old Johnnie Puna Jailed for Life Over 45 Year Old’s Death


Featured Image – 45 year old Haumoana man Mark Geoffrey Beale 


It is a bit of a random thing what grabs our attention in NZ’s LGBT focused and driven media these days, but a few things stood out about this case.

Mostly – we just doubt very much this teenager – Johnnie Puna –  received a fair trial.

We have previously documented allegations and suspicions that jury’s are rigged in New Zealand these days – it is not hard for the corrupt Rothschild owned Crown to send out jury service letters to Masons only for trials of any importance to them. Not to say that is the case, but it has been alleged and goes hand in hand with the full spectrum corruption we see these days. Everything is ‘compromised’ in this new Zionist/ Bolshevik/ Soviet system.

“The pair, who were sharing Beale’s home brew vodka, were returning from Beale’s home with more alcohol when the Haumoana man accidentally fell and pulled Puna down with him.

The 19-year-old was angered and repeatedly kicked Beale in the head, knocking him out before waiting for him to wake up before continuing the assault.” – Newspeak ZB

Right. Do you believe that for a minute? And why have the media not reported the defense’s claims? Did Johnnie Puna also agree that Mark Geoffrey Beale had “accidentally fell” and just happened to pull Puna down with him? Or did he claim that Beale was trying to sexually assault or rape him? More importantly, why have the defence’s arguments not been published at all?

The foreign banker owned media these days works hand in hand with the courts and Govt in helping to cover up Masonic pedophilia and other crime, while framing whomever they choose. The situation has now become so bad, they don’t even bother publishing the defenses claims. Not to say that is the case here of course, but certainly seems fishy.

Do you think it is acceptable or normal for 45 year old men to be procuring and/or luring teenage boys at the beach with vodka?

Does one have the right to defend themselves from violent homosexual attackers, or any sexual attackers for that matter? Because if you do, and the person dies, it is a arguably a question of man slaughter not murder. if you were being attacked by a Violent homosexual man twice your age and size, would you stop and think about where you should kick him or punch him, out of respect for his feelings?

Not that we have seen any evidence of this here, but the above statement released to the media from the Court is highly suspicious and they have clearly not published the claims or counter arguments from the defendant. Something we see all the time these days and it smacks of a judicial / media cover up.

Perhaps if we lived in a society where violent homosexuals and others were not encouraged by these courts and judges to hang around parks and beaches looking for young people to share their alcohol and other drugs with, then such deaths might not occur and young men would not have to spend 11 years in jail at our expense? To achieve such an outcome, all the courts and media need do is publish the full facts for people to consider, and make sure everyone knows they have a full legal right to protect themselves from beach and park groomers and the likes, gay or otherwise. If our courts and judges did a better job in exposing and jailing sexual perverts also, everyone would be safer and deaths like this might not happen. Instead they seem to give them all name suppression.

Not to say this is the case here, but we all know we have to read between the lines with the media and corrupt judiciary and courts these days.


“The person who wins a court case in NZ is a pedophile, or the most closely related to a pedophile” – Greg Hallett 

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