Media Whores Accused of being Homophobic


Featured Image – so called homophobics who argue that homos are possessed by satanic demons who got control of them due to sexual abuse and trauma they have suffered, usually as children. We would argue this applies to anyone who is obsessed with sex and their sexuality, gay or otherwise, and insists on pushing their sex/ sexuality on others. In short, it means they cannot (or refuse to) control their sexuality ie) they are  ‘possessed’. 


“It’s now very common to hear people say, ‘I’m rather offended by that.’ As if that gives them certain rights. It’s actually nothing more… than a whine. ‘I find that offensive.’ It has no meaning; it has no purpose; it has no reason to be respected as a phrase. ‘I am offended by that.’ Well, so fucking what.” – Stephen Fry, Faggot. 

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize” – Voltaire

It is with some regret that Media Whores reports today that we have been accused of being homophobic. As well as antisemitic. And a conspiracy theorist to boot. A triple whammy.

Actually this was sent through to the guys who host our domain name who get blamed for a lot of what we post but thankfully persevere anyway.

Name:Lachlan Patterson
Message:You’re hosting this disgraceful website:
How can you justify that? It should be taken down immediately.
Anti-semitic, transphobic, full of conspiracy theories, and all round defamatory.

“Anti-semitic, transphobic, full of conspiracy theories, and all round defamatory.” – just thought we would repeat that. It is quite the defining sentence some might well argue.

Firstly may we say – Media Whores finds this statement rather hurtful. People like ourselves trying to report the real news are labeled with all sorts of derogatory names, such as ‘blogger’, fake news, conspiracy theorists, insane,  etc. It is a thankless task. How about a little bit of respect for our feelings? We are human beings too God damn it.

Anyway – what stands out to us about this rather hurtful ‘complaint’ is that despite there being 5 or 6 articles exposing masonic pedophile rings and associated suicides around yesterday’s article on suspected homosexual violence, the only thing that seemed to concern this guy was the feelings of gay people…and Jews.

Earth to the homos…….

Would it be hurtful or politically incorrect to suggest that we should put aside the feelings of gay people, and everyone else’s feelings for that matter, and join in calling for an end to the mass masonic rape of Kiwis children? How’s that for a revolutionary idea?

The sad truth is that the above ‘complaint’ makes it look very much like Lachlan Patterson, if that is his real name, has no concern about the mass Masonic pedophilia we are witnessing in NZ in this new ‘liberal’ age, and is only concerned with the feelings of gay people…and Jews. Might we suggest he has his priorities wrong? And is he representative of the entire gay community? Pedophilia is cool, even mass masonic gang rape pedophilia with organized ‘suicides’ to cover it all up is OK – lets all stay focused instead on the rights and feelings of gay people, and Jews. This is very concerning if so and smacks of severe mental disorder.

Pedophilia scandals and the promotion of pedophilia in our societies – not least by our mostly Jewish owned media – has become a real problem, that much is clear. And yet we don’t seem to see many in the gay community speaking out about it. (Feel free to correct us in the comments section below). Nobody in the media is even mentioning it. They are very vocal about their “rights” – but seem oddly quiet on the rights of children to not be abused – as we see in Lachlan’s email above. Again, very concerning in our view.

Now to address the accusation – is Media Whores homophobic?

Absolutely. Yes.

Nothing scares Media Whores more than the idea that some little queer (or big) man want’s to put his genitalia anywhere fkg near us. In short – we find it revolting. It is right up there on our list of scary things, even worse than getting phone calls from government agencies or departments and the people that work for them these days.

As far as we know however, it is not actually illegal or even immoral to have your own feelings and preferences when it comes to sex, and one still has the right to use the internet even if others disagree with them (so far at least – and fingers crossed).

In all fairness, we could say the same about most of the overly strong & domineering looking female German sex tourists that flood the Nation in the summer months wearing yoga pants. Women old enough to be our mother giving us the cheeky eye would be another. Old fat men wearing underpants at the beach. Old fat gay male German sex tourists at the beach. We will not bore you with the long list of shit that makes us feel a bit queezy however. Each to their own.

Media Whores could possibly be accused of being somewhat old fashion in the sense that we would prefer if there were no demented perverts of any persuasion trying to force their sexual preferences & ‘ideals’ upon us, or preach to us about it, or anyone else in society for that matter. Keep it to yourselves.

And we remain unconvinced that homos should be given any sort of special exemption from that sentiment.

How about everyone just agrees to mind their own business and stop trying to enforce sex of any persuasion onto anyone else, period? Well…period then a question mark to be precise.

Perhaps that would even encourage 45 year old men to stop trying to ply teenage boys with alcohol down at the local beach also? As we covered in our previous article about Johnnie Puna. 

(Legal – Media Whores in no way wishes to suggest that there is a direct correlation between the massive increase in homosexual pedophilia and homosexual pedophile scandals and the battle for so called ‘gay rights’ in recent years. Even if some do).

(This should be interesting. Media Whores is often far more interested in the response to our posts than anything we actual cover). 


Image – leading NZ media and political commentator, David Farrar, dressed up as serial necrophiliac and pedophile, Jimmy Savile – just for fun. Would it be hurtful to mention he is also a homosexual Jewish man? 


Image – Sian Elias, New Zealand’s chief justice/ just us. Our mate Shawn reckons s he could just be using an alias. Said to be spearheading the name suppression movement in our justice system over recent decades. 

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