David Cerven – the Latest Masonic Police Murder / False Flag Cover Up


Featured Image – David Cerven – alleged police shooting/ murder victim – flashing the devil horns masonic hand signal for child abuse victims. 



The key to decoding the Masonic hoaxes, murders and pedophilia of the so called ‘elites’ or shadow Government that is running/ ruining New Zealand is to study their numbers and words.

Cerven is a Hebrew reference to the number Seven. Which they place in most of their masonic crime scenes, along with 33’s and 666’s, or often just 6’s. Cerven / Seven. Also a reference to the word Servant. We are all servants to their Serpent God.

David is an ancient Hebrew (which is really Phoenician) reference to Saturn/ Satan. They often refer to their God as King David.

So David Cerven can be interpreted as the Servant of Satan, or 7th Heaven/ Heaven Satan. The Hebrew words are usually read backwards. Take your pick.

This feature article in today’s Herald (now symbolized with a big capital H for Hebrew) is littered with Masonic symbols, hand signs and numbers.

David was said to have died “7” minutes after being shot.

Some brief video footage of a covered up body being wheeled out of the park is presumed to be ‘evidence’ that someone died. Notice the head is completely covered up – how nice of them.

Not to say a young unarmed man was not shot and murdered by NZ’s corrupt Masonic police force on that day, but we wouldn’t rule out that there was no victim at all. David Cerven was said to only have been in the Nation for 6 months and the police and media show a text message from his girlfriend as evidence that he existed.

They allege he was robing dairies and gas stations to “pay back money to his mother” which sounds like bullshit also. Any sort of top martial arts fighters have a huge amount of discipline and unlikely they would rob gas stations with a knife for money. And not sure the cops have shown any evidence of those allegations at all. It would be far more likely that Cerven had stumbled across a judiciary or police run meth and child prostitution ring and so had to be silenced.

So who knows. Either way, whether they murdered another young man or not, it is masonic mind control we see here. Either a Masonic police murder cover up, or just another staged hoax to send the message to the Goy slave public that the police are armed and dangerous, so do not mess with them nor question them as they go about their primary duty of covering up the ongoing meth trafficking and organized pedophilia of the inbred ‘elite’ and their demonic / Satan worshiping psychotic children.

One thing we can be sure of is the Masonic symbolism all the way through this article/ story, and we already know well that the Masons are staging shootings across NZ now, such as the recent Morrinsville and Whangarei staged police shootings, as well as suiciding pedophilia victims to cover up their pedophile rings.

Some have claimed it is our ‘Jewish’ Chief Justice Sian Alias running the entire Masonic mafia in NZ and that he/she tries to murder those who speak out about her/ him.


Featured Image – Chief Justice Sian Elias – some say is actually a transvestite Jewish man named Shawn, using an Alias. Said to be running the Masonic mafia in New Zealand, as in the meth industry, child sex trafficking, masonic pedophile rings and associated murders and cover ups. One thing is for sure, NZ has never had so much pedophilia and violent crime since this ‘women’ took charge of our ‘just us’ system. So the buck stops with her/ him regardless. She / he needs to be arrested and tried for treason, drug trafficking, organized pedophilia, child sex trafficking, the murder of historian Michael King and the attempted murder/s of NZ author Greg Hallett. 

“The judiciary shows itself to be a paedophile and crime creation movement whose primary goal is fatherless families.” – Greg Hallett 

Police Masonic hand signals at their latest staged/ false flag murder – or perhaps real murder – cover up


David Cerven flashes the devil hand signal for the cameras…


Lawyer/ Liar Nicholas Taylor with masonic hand signals on the table. The Bar Association are the Rabbi’s of the Jewish Talmudic legal system in force in NZ. The court rooms are the Synagogues. They all work together to convince the publis that they are the “law” – as opposed to the lawless inbred mafia they really are. Talmudic Jewish law encourages pedophilia with children as young as 3 years old. We have seen no direct evidence that Nicholas Taylor is a pedophile or having sex with 3 year old children, but a very suspicious story and hand signals. And looks a bit queer in our opinion.


One thing is for sure – the public cannot trust anything these masonic freaks do, nor report on. Which is no doubt the goal and probably just in preparation for when they do start mass murdering real journalists and other ‘dissidents’, so that people do not know what to believe. It has long been alleged that the entire bar Association are actually pedophiles, child sex kidnappers and meth and heroin traffickers, posing as ‘law and order’.

Chris Cahill of the Police Association – creepy – presumably another  ‘made man’. Yet to comment on the massive masonic pedophile rings operating around New Zealand who are now suiciding their victims. Clearly likes to dress up in nice suits and pink shirts while the police cover up pedophilia in New Zealand for their Masonic/ satanic  bosses. In the USA they are even using gay porn actors these days as police cover up artists……



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