Brendon O’Connell, Kelvin Davis MP & Serial Child Sex Offenders Being Bribed in Government


Featured ImageKelvin Davis MP – the new Minister of Corrections in New Zealand. Very, very, very creepy. Is the foreign banker owned media doing this deliberately these days? How about a normal photo with a smile and some lighting?


New Zealand’s new Minister of Corrections Kelvin Davis has responded to official information requests re Australian political prisoner Brendon O’Connell. Or at least his office has.

They took the full 20 working days to respond, responding on the final day, and simply stating that they are refusing to confirm anything, due to “privacy laws”

So it was OK for the NZ Govt to release information to the Press newspaper re O’Connell’s arrest, but now they have decided they all respect his privacy too much to provide anything else.

Oddly enough, it was Brendon O’Connell who has alleged that Western MP’s these days are “all whack job pedophiles” being bribed by the Israeli state. We can’t confirm if this is true or not, but the same allegations were made by NZ author Greg Hallett before he was chased out of NZ and murder attempts made on his life, allegedly on the orders of NZ’s chief justice Sian Elias and Helen Clark, whom some suspect are both actually transvestite men in drag.

Its better than fiction isn’t it?

They have said O’Connell is being held on “character grounds” but convicted pedophiles and drug traffickers from Australia cross over our border almost everyday. Brendon O’Connell’s crime was calling a homosexual Jewish street worker by the name of Stanley Elliot Keyser a ‘racist homicidal Jew’ when he caught Keyser perving on him and taking his photo on the streets of Perth without his permission. O’Connell spent 3 years in jail for hurting the Jewish homosexual’s feelings and has now been locked up in a New Zealand jail for the past 9 weeks.

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize” — Voltaire

Are we ruled over by homosexual Jews? And is this politically incorrect? No one ever voted for it did they? And they are surely a very small section of society. It would be a bit nuts to think they are actually running the show. Or are they?

Cameron Slater 666

Image – Cameron Slater – “Lebanese” “right wing” blogger yet to comment on the NZ Govt kidnapping Australian political activists and civil rights campaigners. At the gym with his new perm. Dude just popped into our head oddly enough. 

Actually the allegations made by O’Connell, Hallett and numerous others is that Talmudic Jewish fascists are running the World and they simply use sexually compromised, bent and/or pedophile ‘Goy’ to maintain their control, as those people are the most easy to bribe and control.

Media Whores cannot confirm these allegations of course, but let’s take a closer look at Kelvin Davis shall we?

Firstly – there is no information at all about Kelvin Davis’ family on his Wikipedoa page. Almost like they never existed. This is becoming more and more common these days with our politicians – their family lives are being hidden form the public. No mention if he is married or not. We somehow doubt it

There is some other info in this Herald article below:

“Raised in the Bay of Islands, he moved to Auckland in the mid-1980s to teach in Mangere. He later returned to the Far North and became principal of Karetu School – “a school with needs”, he said.
Now living in Kaitaia, he is close friends with New Zealand First leader and Northland MP Winston Peters, a potential coalition partner, and Labour-turned-NZ First candidate Shane Jones.” – NZ Herald 

Again, no mention of any family, but close friends with Winston Peters and Shane Jones.

Shane Jones of course stood down some time back after it was revealed he was spending his/our time and tax money watching porn in hotels. One wonders if we only got part of that story. What type of porn one wonders?

Winston Peters is an alleged Mr Asia heroin trafficker and allegedly worked with the actual Mr Asia himself, Peter Williams QC out of Tauranga, trafficking heroin. Notice also those two names? Almost like Winston Peter’s name was made up one night by Peter Williams. Some have alleged that the ‘elites’ actually kidnap child sex victims and then groom the ones who survive the abuse into positions of power and fame. Canadian PM Justin Trudeau being one obvious example. Katy Perry another. Readers will also note that Winston Peters goes for the foreign affairs job each time he gets given some power. Diplomatic bags are never searched after all and are often used for drug trafficking. And it is 5 star hotels and ‘room service’ all the way. Great work if you can get it. Peter’s was also dead silent on the record $450 million meth haul that washed up on a beach in his Northland electorate a couple years back. The Crown has finished covering up that accidental bust now – no big players were named or arrested, only a few foot soldiers, and the meth is now no doubt back on the streets. In fact Northland’s top cop stole it from the evidence room last time they got caught, but was later promoted to a job at ACC as a thank you from the Crown.

Winston Peters was a Heroin Trafficker with Peter Williams. Winston Peters girlfriend, Heeni Phillips, is now Peter Williams common law wife. Winston Peters and Peter Williams shared the same office in Tauranga, never practised law, and only practised Heroin Trafficking. Winston Peters bribes the National Party because he was also trafficking heroin with Prime Minister Rob Muldoon. Peter Williams extorts the National Party because he filmed the President of the National Party having sex with a minor in 2009 above the Platos Restaurant on Ponsonby Road. Peter Williams owns the building next door.  – Greg Hallett

So seems Kelvin Davis has no family to speak of, not publicly at least, and is good mates with porn enthusiasts and alleged International drug traffickers. Great stuff.

Then it gets worse.

Kelvin Davis was suddenly inspired a while back to ‘take a walk for child sex abuse’. He did the walk of shame, but has remained tight lipped ever since it seems…

We have now seen allegations that “the Masons” are running industrial level child sex abuse rings around New Zealand where they use new age drugs to drug and rape whole groups of children in schools, doctors offices, dentists offices and even in MP’s offices, as exposed in the Justin Davis Files – with new allegations emerging lately that the Masons and their co conspirators and actually now suiciding their young victims in the Far North to avoid being caught.

The Far North is of course Kelvin Davis territory – Te Tai Tokerau – where he was a teacher and a school principal.  Yet we haven’t heard from Davis on these allegations of organized Masonic pedophile rings in the Far North, nor the massive numbers of youth suicides occurring up there.

Could it be that the Masons and so called ‘elites’ are actually suiciding their pedophile ring victims so as to protect one of their high flyers who has been earmarked for the top rungs of Government? Kelvin Davis is of course now labour’s deputy leader, putting him in striking distance of running the entire Nation for the Rothschild and Goldman Sachs bankers. They certainly need someone they can trust and rely on.

Oddly enough, the women who answered the official information request on behalf of Kevin Davis’ office has ties to Northland primary schools also. Her name is Rebecca Tane and her reply is pictured below – click to enlarge:


Radio NZ reported that Rebecca Tane was a parent representative on the board of Peria School in the Far North, and the school principal was a man by the name of Jason Tane.

We cannot confirm if Rebecca Tane is aware of the allegations that these Government / masonic types are drugging and raping entire classrooms of children and filming it for the black market, nor that they are now suiciding their victims and using a corrupt coroner to cover it all up.

Actually it seems Rebecca Tane is a little busy – with holidays on the beach in Rarotonga, attending death metal rock concerts, sampling fine wines, worshiping lizards (yes, really) and flashing the devils horns satanic child abuse hand signal for her Facebook friends – to have noticed. Images compliments of Rebecca Tane’s Facebook page. Click to enlarge.

Well – that seems to be a pretty good summary of where we are at folks – politically in New Zealand at least….The deputy leader of the Country apparently has no family and is mates with alleged international drug traffickers and porn addicts – if not raised by them – he was the principle of a school in the region where some of the worst pedophiles have been busted and exposed – he took a walk for child sex abuse but was unscathed and then promoted to deputy leader of the Labour Party and now of the entire Country – he has remained tight lipped about the Masonic child sex rings operating in his Far North region and around the Country and also on the alleged suiciding of their victims to cover it all up to protect those on the fast track – all while those alleging that serial pedophiles are being bribed and controlled into all top positions of power across the West under “Operation Talpiot” run by the Israeli /Jewish State are being locked up in our jails without a trial.

Kelvin Davis is now implicated in the political kidnapping and torture (unlawful detention and detainment in maximum security for 23 hours per day) of Australian political prisoner Brendon O’Connell who has alleged that Zionist Satanists are controlling our Governments and bribing serial child sex offenders into all top positions of power.

Any questions?

We can’t confirm allegations made by anyone else of course, but good investigative journalism is about joining the dots and asking the hard questions. And that is all we are doing here – repeating other people’s claims and asking questions. It is certainly a matter of public safety, not least for the children and parents of the children in any of these schools.

We would also note that there is still no comment on any of this from the entire NZ “legal” community – not least our Chief Justice – who some are saying is actually a transvestite man in drag and is allegedly married to a serial child sex offender herself, namely Hugh Fletcher (see Hallett video below). Not that there is anything wrong with being a tranny man in drag of course. It is the ongoing child abuse scandals that bother us.


Image – Sian Elias 

Presumably once the sleeping NZ public actually wake up to the fact that their children are being drugged and raped in the Government run schools and new age churches, this will be when all of the ‘elites’ finally flee to the Israeli State and they then switch off all of our banking, eftpos and power supplies, then claim 6 million Jews died and call us all antisemitic. See Operation Talpiot video below.

Lawful Disclaimer – some comments we have received are saying all of these types (serial child abusers) need to be rounded up and shot. Media Whores would like to make it absolutely clear that we will not be publishing such comments, and don’t own any guns anyway. Readers are encouraged to let these ‘elites’ abuse as many children as they like and just keep paying your taxes, the justice system will sort it out for you eventually….like Jesus coming in the clouds…soon. 

The Mass Suiciding of Kiwi Children in the Far North – by the Masons…..


At Least Three More “Suspected” Whangarei Suicides in Past Few Days – Sheryl Mai

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  1. Bob says:

    Hey MW…..did you receive the comment I posted on Dec 5
    re: a brief rundown of Kelvin Davis’ family background?
    It was awaiting moderation,but not sure what’s happened.
    May have got deleted before you even read it.

    1. mediawhores says:

      na mate – it didnt show. the site runs on PHP software/ wordpress which is all run by israeli It companies. the internet is a hoax. widfe open. i have suspected they are hacking comments also, as we get up to 1000 visitors every 20 minutes these days, so view numbers are hacked and they are probably deleting comments also. please try again, or email to

  2. Bob says:

    As I have lived in Brendon O’Connells hometown for many years,I’m not really up with who’s who in NZ politics anymore other than the usual suspects.After reading what you said about Kelvin Davis,I became intrigued with his background.
    I checked his profile back on and his maori ancestry was there to view,although his parents names were listed as private.
    It did however state his mother’s maiden surname and then gave her parents full names.
    It also gives the names of registered users who look at particular profiles
    and Kelvin Davis’ name appeared on his family’s page earlier this year as having viewed it.
    I also read two online articles from 2015…one titled “Kelvin Davis says he owes it all to Charlie” which is on the e-Tangata website.He delves right into his family history past and present,which corroborates wth the info on
    Talks quite in-depth about his parents(mother is pakeha),fathers family background,his three siblings(one brother a senior sergeant,another a district court judge,younger sister an ex-teacher
    now in the church,as is the mother,father is a JP),his own family (wife also pakeha and they have two daughters and a son)….most of article focuses on family’s education background and it’s importance to them.
    The second article titled “Kelvin Davis’ Demons appeared in The Listener later in 2015 and deals with much darker subject matter.The main point being his regret at not “flushing out” a serial pedo teacher at the school he was principal of back in the day.
    He also speaks pretty loud and clear on the likes of the Mt Eden/Serco drama,sexual and domestic violence and abuse,youth suicide and pedophilia in general.Back then the man sounded like he was on mish bigger than Ben Hur and was going to lead the crusade against all the above named bullshit.It was top of his agenda now he was back in Parliament,he said.
    But as you stated in the article not a word since the “big walk”
    What do you reckon MW….do you think Kelvin Davis happily signed his JWO contract in blood for the shame and fortune? or did they scare the shit out of him into carrying out their sick agenda,lest something sinister befalls him and his family? Who knows.
    As for family photogenics,google “Rev Edward Toru Davis” (KDs uncle) and see what you think of the family resemblance.
    Keep it flowing man….you’re doing a mighty fine job.

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