Is Everybody You See On Your TV a Pedophile?


Featured Image – Simon Cowell gets ‘Pizza’ in Thailand. 

Is everybody you see on your TV these days a pedophile?

From the actors, newsreaders, CEO’s & politicians – it seems the only way to get ahead in the globalist corporate system is to be a demented pervert. And the sicker they are, the higher they go.

The Masonic powers that be seem to insist on having all your secrets before they will give you any power, promotion or fame.

The people that run this system are sick – and it filters right down through the ranks.

MK Ultra mind controlled pedophiles. That is what people are sitting there watching night after night in their lounges.

If you research it, they also add pedo and other satanic images in the programming at a flicker rate that you don’t see – they get lodged in your subconscious, turning you into a Satanist…slowly……People are so brainwashed and hypnotized now, they don’t realise it is happening to them…& their friends

When even the ‘woman’ running the privately owned Federal Reserve – the source of all the counterfeit Rothschild money – is another tranny man in drag, you know you have problems. (Janet Yellen).


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One thought on “Is Everybody You See On Your TV a Pedophile?”

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    Cat says:

    the jews
    Not Hebrews
    Not Semetic
    Not the Sons of Abraham
    Like to get in Your face
    Which is why there are dead fetus’s in Woman’s make up
    Who Owns all the major cosmetic Corporations?
    Like Who Owns all the Central Banks
    It is a case of Mutton being dressed up as Lamb

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