Do a Small Group of ‘Elite’ Jewish Transvestites Rule the World?


Featured Image – Janet Yellen, CEO of Rothschild’s privately owned global money counterfeiting operations. Some say she/ he looks a lot like Sian Elias. 


Media Whores prides itself on our policy regarding political correctness, but even we can admit this sounds a little bit racist. How can one tiny group of people rule the entire World? If they are all Jewish as some are alleging, this is racism at its most extreme.

As for the tranny thing – maybe it is just a fade? Like some kind of fashion these elites are going through? And ‘dragging’ as many of us along with them. Some of the best drug dealers we have ever met have been trannies. What they want to do to their bodies is a bit freaky of course, but generally speaking trannies have never caused us any harm. We are just not that convinced that they should be ruling the World that’s all.  Although there is obviously a big difference between the trannies you can see up K Rd off their faces at night and the inbred Jewish type who are worth many billions of dollars. So we would draw that distinction perhaps.

Some are even saying these elite types are actually the living undead, some of them hundreds of years old, but that they drink the blood of children to reverse the aging process – but we shy away from that theory. See videos below.


Others have long claimed they are not really Jews at all – but just claim to be.

Below we look at some videos and images of what we think are fairly questionable looking people – possibly men in drag – that have apparently been Chosen by God in the respect that they tax us all and despite our best efforts, we just can’t seem to get rid of them, out of our lives and off our TV screens. We ask, just how many of these ‘elite’ types are actually tranny Jewish men in drag? Do we have any right to know anyway? And could mankind possibly hold some sort of referendum on it?

Media Whores stresses here that we have nothing against trannies in general – and these people shouldn’t either – they should be proud of who they are regardless. Someone saying you look like you might be a tranny would be seen as a compliment in some circles and it is by no means our intention to offend. Some have also suggested many are actually real women dressed up as men also…..


Amy Adams MP


Alison Mau – leading NZ media whore


Nikki Kaye MP


Jasonderrella Ardern 


John Key – just for good measure. There is definitely something wrong with this ‘dude’. Also a know serial kiddie fiddler.


Annette King – alleged Mr Asia heroin trafficker


Mike Hosking – very effeminate – allegedly hires young Polynesian boys from a church of sex. 

oh my lorde


Melania Trump….

Terresa/ Terry May

Justin Trudeau

Jason/ Jacinda Ardern – again.

Michelle/ Michael Obama

Even ‘Princess’ Diana

You have to admit it starts to look like more than just a coincidence doesn’t it?

may more available on line – just search for “the tranvestigations”

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