Iain Lees Galloway Blocks Any Information on Brendon O’Connell


Featured Image – Minister of Immigration Iain Lees Galloway under the new ‘liberal’ Jacinda Ardern / Jason Ardern Fascist Corporate Regime. Media Whores stresses here that just because an MP looks a little bit creepy, does not mean they are necessarily a serial child sex offender being bribed by the Israeli State, as alleged by Brendon O’Connell, Greg Hallett and others. When they start kidnapping Australian citizens and torturing them however, we encourages readers to use their own common sense. As one always should. 



The office of Iain Lees Galloway has responded to an official information request re kidnapped political prisoner Brendon O’Connell. And just like Kelvin Davis’ office, they have refused to provide any information at all, citing no public interest and the rights to privacy of O’Connell.

Brendon O’Connell has made it absolutely clear he wants as much publicity as possible for his case and so has clearly not been given the right to waive this privacy bullshit. And when the Nazis (Zionists in Hebrew) started kidnapping & disappearing the very first political prisoners, presumably it should have been of some public interest.

The letter is signed by Nicola Hogg. Hogg indeed.


She refers to herself as a “Compliance, Risk and Intelligence” officer. Sounds just like the East German Stasi doesn’t it? Presumably the “risk” is that our MP’s will be exposed as serial child sex offenders being bribed and controlled – as per the allegations of Greg Hallett and Brendon O’Connell.

Nicola Hogg now stands accused of the high crime of Treason for conspiring to cover up the political kidnapping of an Australian citizen on the orders of a foreign power, while holding an office of the Crown.

The allegations made by both Brendon O’Connell and Greg Hallett, as well as numerous others across the West is that Rothschild and his inbred gang of corporate fascists and thieves are using “Operation Talpiot” spying to identify then bribe and promote the very worst serial child sex offenders, drug addicts and other types of perverts into all top positions of power so as to maintain control of their NZ corporate franchise and other Nation’s they now control. They are no better than the Nazis were said to be, or the Bolshevik Jews who invaded Russia and created the Communist Soviet State, murdering millions in the process. Serial child sex offenders are their greatest asset.

Below we post those allegations again along with all of the email addresses used to deliver these communications thus far – the strategy is to use as many people as possible so that no one person really appears accountable for these crimes. The crime of Treason – punishable by up to 13 years in jail. Oddly enough, all females – go women’s lib!






We cannot confirm if these new ‘liberal’ go getter females are aware of the allegations that our MP’s are serial child sex offenders being bribed by the Jewish State, but we doubt very much this ilk would care anyway. Money is on offer, so fk any sort of ethics, laws or principles. They are breaking that glass ceiling and their parents are probably even proud of them – for becoming like the Nazis. Lest we forgot. Lets just hope they don’t leave their children in the care of these same people while they are at work. That is how their entire Mk Ultra operation works- get them when they are young, keep the gang growing and going. Grooming the future ‘leaders’. Some claim that almost everyone you see on your TV these days have been so badly buggered as children in the new age Masonic churches and schools, they have little hope of ever knowing right from wrong.

Check out this criminal below – These people have “handlers” that mind control them.  Many of the handlers of these new age liberal criminals are actually transvestite Jewish men in drag. And they are fascists of the highest order. The same gang that staged wii and the Bolshevick invasion of Russia. They do it by bribing serial kiddie fiddlers and drug addicts into power. We have seen no direct evidence in regards Iain Lees Galloway – but to borrow a quote “You will know them by their deeds” and these are the allegations made by Hallett, O’Connell and many others who are paying attention. You wouldn’t leave your children anywhere near him would you? Immigrant children are now being drugged and raped en masse by the Masons in NZ also. That is the main reason they bring them here according to some – to keep their ‘food’ supply of young virgin blood flowing.


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