Everything You Were Never Taught in School


Featured Image – Media Whores at 4 and 1/2 and still a believer. 


The education ‘system’ is designed, written and enforced by a privately owned company we call “Government” (Govern the mental) owned by the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and other Central Bank crime syndicate pedophile ring ‘elite’ families.

They teach you that you are a monkey, flying through the Universe on a magic gravity ball.

They teach you the ABCD’s but never where those letters came from and what they mean. ABraCaDabra – the spells they use over you.

They give you a Go-spell containing ancient astrological truths mixed with toxic lies then pretend that Jesus actually instructed anyone to join a Church or religion to begin with. These are all just child abuse gangs, posing as knowledge and salvation.

They pump you full of fluoride, vaccines, sugar and dead vaccinated animals to keep you dumbed down and stupid, you are “stock” on Maggie’s Farm – no different to the sheep you see in the paddocks with the exception that sheep have a healthier diet and pay no taxes. It is the silence of the lambs.

As the Justin Davis Files reveal – as well as recent cases we have covered – the inbred Masonic criminals that run the schools and churches are now even drugging and abusing children / the flock on a regular basis. In fact if you read some of the historical child abuse claims against the state, they have been doing that for a long time as well (ref Civic Crache also). They drug and rape your children in their schools and churches. You are their food. This is an open secret among the inbred money families with most of the rich listers and people you see on TV the ones who do the raping.


To appease our biggest fans, yes, many or most of them seem to claim to be ‘Jewish’.

Most of these Rothschild corporate education and vaccine victims stay in a semi retarded state their entire lives.  Locked in MK Ultra trauma based mind control. Never knowing a thing – not even the shape of the planet they live on. Most go on to become willing corporate sex slaves for these same elite families, essentially just paid to attend drinks on Fridays and ‘after parties’ upon request. The new age hookers in business attire. Posting their latest drunken flings on Facebook all week between answering phones and whacking their keyboards in an Mk Ultra sex, mortgage and credit card induced slave trance, so they can pay back the counterfeit / stolen money they borrowed from their Rothschild owned bank, while the bosses and middle mangers all whack off to job application photos in their offices with the blinds pulled down, only appearing once or twice during the day to sexually harass their favorite wage slaves underneath them, before they all depart home for the day, queuing up for an hour in purposely designed and created traffic jams to watch Simon Dallow spew his satanic Mk ultra lies and state funded child abuse ring cover ups at 6pm, followed by nonstop fantasy sex, corporate advertising and carefully disguised kiddie porn on Netflix late into the night.

Thanks to the internet however – the Library of Alexandria is now back open – at least for now. This is the stuff you should have been taught at primary school. Truth is the only thing that will ever set you free and thus why it is always being covered up.

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