Peter Jackson on the ‘Elite’ Hollywood Pedophile Rings


Featured Image – Peter Jackson celebrating with serial date rapist Harvey Weinstein. Both are Jewish it is claimed. Not that we would want to discriminate against serial rapists and their mates of course. 


National hero Peter Jackson seems to have gone a little quiet as the avalanche of pedophile and rape allegations spew out of the demonic Hollywood that put him on the NZ rich / inbred list.

Don’t think he ever commented on the allegations from his star actor Elijah Wood that Hollywood is full of pedos also.

Jackson and his gang of fellow ‘liberals’ were of course surrounded by child actor stars and young up and comers during his Hobbit series creation. Elijah Wood made his allegations after filming with Jackson also – see video below.

One would think he would at least have a comment or opinion to offer. Many of the top bigwigs are his close mates after all. He has been photographed with many of them at industry and social occasions.

Perhaps even more interesting are the themes from his first movies like Meet the Feebles – none stop satanism, sodomy, pedophilia, incest and bloody murder. The leaks coming out of Hollywood are nothing new to Peter Jackson it would seem.

As a general rule, if they have won awards, been given honors, or are on the rich list, in fact even on your TV – try to keep your children away from them and their ‘work’ would be the best advice at this stage perhaps.

No comment from the award winning New Zealander of the Year Taika Waititi that we have seen either. Apparently child rape is ok, while the racism card is constantly promoted, pushed and funded by tax payers. This is what we are dealing with folks. Raping kids is apparently Ok, but racism is not. Racism is a politically correct tool of the very same people doing the abusing.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the ‘Jewish’ entertainment elites could agree to stop raping other people’s children?  Black, brown, yellow, white and otherwise.


7 Days of Sodomy & Pedophilia – MediaWorks & the Child Abuse Agenda

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    Mike says:

    With john Key being involved in the usual “suiciding” of children and youth to cover up the deep state paedophile covens in NZ, dont forget that these freemasons are secretly run by women who enjoy the rape killing and torture of the children of other women, whom they refer to as breeders, while they are the “cult of venus” who make use of the children of other women. So as to totaly destroy in the most wicked way the dreams of other women, while disguising themselves as feminists to do so. In fact extreme feminism is very much paedophile females who hate other women so much that the torture and gang rape and murder of their children is what really gets their rocks off. No doubt Lowell Goddard was really getting off on how she and her political cronies were going to keep this child gang rape, torture and mass murder alive in the UK. So it goes on with the creation of large numbers of vulnerable children. Over 10 years John Key and his paedophile buddies must have gotten rid of at least 2000 NZ children.As well as the ongoing gang rape and mass murder of UK children. The NZ connection really goes back to the end of World War One when the NZ Govt put through PAYE illegally, and so began a massive theft of the fruits of the labours of NZ people. At least 30% of the internatal “fruits of the labours”, spending was affected now for some 100 years. That is a massive chunk of money to steal from the “common law” financial freedom rights of the NZ people, who under the common law the King cannot touch under any circumstances the fruits of their labours. A business grows and becomes financially viable by its power of spending, by its cash flow, and in one foul move over 30% of that spending power was illegally removed from the people of NZ’x internal and growing business economy of the “fruits of their labours”. That would really amount to not less than 50% of the internal economy to share and grow of the NZ internal business. Total economic treason occurred to a massive level just by this one foul move. The next foul move was the use of “usery” that is also totally illegal under the Common Law. That interest money would account for at least another 10% of the “fruits of the labours” internal economy that the Common Law orders that NZ people must have. Add to that massive dept of some $60 Billion, which is at least another $3 Billion theft from the internal economy of the “fruits of the labours”, which must amount to another 10% almost of that internal economy and what is left is almost no internal economy, most of the money has been stolen by theft and fraud. Creating of course lots of vulnerable children, which then need to have organisations formed to help solve their money problems, run by paedophiles so as to get to more and more children. Financed by (1) illegal taxes on the fruits of the labours of the people (2) usery on any money borrowed due to the theft of the money in the first pplace (3) massive borrowing to remove more money and create more vulnerable children. The fact is very clear that any NZer who pays illegal income taxes is as bad as those who cause the problem in the first place. To cover up their crimes they then hound other people who put all their earnings into the common “fruits of the labours” pool, which is where ALL the income money is meant to go. As the requirements of common law. In the USA the calls get louder every day to have the IRD totally disbanded. As a criminal organisation funding the paedophile mafia regime. The gang rape sodomy of the “fruits of the labours” disguised as money for the common good, is just another hoax and the criminals behind it need sorting out.

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