Moon Day Reflections


Featured Image – Mother Mary Magdalen the Moon, the solar / soul / sole consort of the Sun of God, Jesues. Electricity and magnetism. Its an electromagnetic material/ carbon plane here on the flat Earth/ hEart Realm .


Should Media Whores ever make the decision to become “Dictator of New Zealand, if Not the Entire World”, one of the first things we will do is give everybody their Moon Days off.

The inbred demonic ‘elites’ and their rich lister bumboys are constantly inventing ever more creative ways to insure that their human slaves have to work more and more hours each week to survive, and look cool, when the reality is none of us should really be doing any more than a few hours per day, if that. And certainly not on Mondays, as well as the Sabbath Saturdays and Sundays. Friday should be a non work day also, for health and safety reasons. Once all forms of income taxes are wiped off the Goy, those 3 remaining days work will be more than enough to survive and thrive, with some compromise from the unnecessary fashion industry.

Moon Days are a tribute to the soft quiet luminescent magnetism of our ‘holy’ mother in the sky/ heavens, so the inbred elites have cleverly turned Monday into all out war instead. Human beings are turned into human doings and all dutifully march off to do battle with each other by lying, cheating, robbing and stealing for the next 5 days so they can all afford to service their counterfeit Rothschild debts. Those with any respect for themselves, their neighbours and humanity in general simply take the day off, as much as possible. Call in sick, make something up. Boycott the whole fkg lot of it.

Anyway – a good day to clarify a few things we have said recently. Moonday retractions / clarification, or Moon reflections if you will…..

1- We said yesterday that “all churches” are just child abuse gangs posing as salvation and knowledge. That statement was a little too sweeping. There are obviously some very good people operating in some of the smaller churches around the Countryside. Certainly not child abusers – intentionally at least. They have all however had more than enough time to figure out what their Bibles are actually telling them and time is now well and truly up. Ignorance, no matter how well intentioned, should no longer be tolerated. We need to fix the education ‘system’ instead, or just abolish it completely.

2 – That picture we used yesterday of Peter Jackson and Weinstein was borrowed from Stuff. That in itself is highly suspicious. Despite all of the astounding allegations coming out of unHolywood recently, you can be assured that the ones being burned have upset the apple cart in some way. Our guess is that they have either spoken out against the Israeli State and /or Donald Trump (essentially the same thing – with the Russian mob mixed in), blown the whistle on the far worse deviant practices of the satanists above them, or possibly just come out and agreed that the Earth is Flat. If Stuff are actively burning Jackson and tying him to Weinstein – rest assured there is another agenda going on. Not to say the ones being burned are not pigs also.

3 – The article quoting Keanu Reeves is from a third party source. We could not find the original. There is a fair amount of evidence out there that Keanu Reeves is not the same man/ person as he was 10 years ago. His facial features have changed hugely. Some have even claimed his is another one of these trannies, with carefully attached facial hair for media events. We have seen enough evidence to know that the top ‘elite’ satanists consume ‘virgin’ blood for energy and to reverse the aging process, but it is clear that only a  hand picked few are being exposed and burned. Reeves seems to be ‘playing a part’ in that burning ritual/ agenda.

Our opinion is that the unHolywood semi elites have broken ranks with the Israeli and Russian States, or simply just with NASA and its funding programs for movies, and they are now having all of their secrets released. If you are a rich lister, political heavy weight or similar, rest assured the Jewish/ Soviet Russian mob will have all of your dodgy text messages, phones calls and conversations recorded and ready to leak should the need arise, along with a small army of prostitutes ready to provide testimony against you.  They have been doing the same in NZ since the 80’s, at least.

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    llloyd says:

    A Greek sophist in the fifth century B.C. claimed the sun was as large as the Peloponese. That would be several hundred miles wide. He based his deduction on his science from his naked eye and mathematical calculations. He was a friend of Pericles and had to flee from Athens for blaspheming Apollo. Rex Warner wrote a novel about him, called Pericles the Athenian.

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