Chief Justice Sian Elias Complicit in NZ’s Masonic Child Sex Rings & Organized Pedophilia


Featured Image – NZ’s chief justice Sian Elias remains silent on the Masonic child sex rings operating in New Zealand – so we now allege that she is complicit in covering them up, if not running them her/himself. Looks a bit whacked out on heroin or something doesn’t he?


This is communism folks. New Zealand is now suffering under full blown Jewish/ Soviet communism and we see the symptoms all around us. Inequality, rampant Government corruption and bullshit bureaucracy, drug addiction, poverty and child abuse. These are the same inbred criminals that have run every communist ‘revolution’ in modern history and the symptoms are always the same.

No other ‘blog’ or media outlet in New Zealand has done more to expose the Jewish Masonic child sex rings operating in New Zealand these days with the full protection of the New Zealand justice system. Our articles on the Justin Davis Files are probably the best example of this work, but we will list more of those links below. The evidence is clear – we have gangs of Jewish Masons, usually posing as ‘liberals’ drugging and raping children across New Zealand in schools, churches and even MP’s offices. The cover up operation is Biblical – no one will touch it – even Vinny Eastwood seems to be complicit in covering them up (we need to do another article on how Vinny Eastwood appeared to try and silence Justin Davis).

These Masonic pedophiles and their small army of Mk Ultra puppets are active in every New Zealand community – running the new age churches, the Freemasons, many Catholic Churches and even the schools, doctors and dentists offices, and they are now drugging and abusing children on an industrial level – even whole classrooms of them, as we have covered (see articles below). They have been doing it as far back as the Civic Crache case in the early 90’s, but now the drugs they use have gotten better and much more readily available.

These Jewish – or some say ‘fake Jewish’ – Masons, Sayanim agents and spies are spying on all of us these days under the false guise of their staged war on terror, run by the Rothschild owned Israeli State, and Media Whores will be on the very top of their list, or right up near the top at least.

So it is fair to say that our (in fact their) chief justice Sian Elias is well aware of the Justin Davis Files, as well as this website and our other articles detailing the Jewish masonic / homosexual and otherwise child sex rings operating in New Zealand.

And nothing has been done. There has been blanket silence in the main stream media also – with some blogs detailing how most faces you see in your media and behind the scenes are also Jewish. It is a code of silence that they operate under – colluding to cover up their serial pedophilia.

We even created and posted a petition calling for the arrest of Sian Alias for Treason and covering up these masonic child sex rings – and you can guarantee that was bought to Sian Elias’s attention.

Petition Launched to Have Chief Justice Sian Elias Arrested & Charged with Treason, Murder & Attempted Murder

We have also detailed many times the allegations from NZ author Greg Hallett that Sian Elias’s husband Hugh Fletcher is a serial child sex offender himself, enjoying ongoing name suppression (technically or otherwise) and protection from his ‘wife’, the chief justice of New Zealand. Some have suggested Hugh Fletcher was bribed into marriage with this monster to start with.

These are just our efforts, but we see also the thousands of complainants about historic child abuse in State care being stoned walled at every turn with their calls for an independent inquiry into NZ Government organized pedophilia and related abuse. Indeed the communist/ Jewish/ Goldman Sachs owned and run private corporation we call Government continues to kidnap, disappear, murder and abuse children in their care (and otherwise) to this day, all under a new trendy/ politically correct Maori name –  Ministry for Vulnerable Children, Oranga Tamariki – but it is the same Jewish communist / masonic sodomite pedophiles running the show, rest assured.

It is time we all acknowledged and came to terms with the reality that the people running our Nation, posing as our leaders and Government are in fact pedophiles themselves and it is they that both run and protect these Jewish Masonic child sex rings in New Zealand.

Media Whores is stating here, for the public record, that our chief justice, Sian Elias is actively covering up and protecting Masonic / Jewish child sex rings in New Zealand, if not a masonic child sex offender her/himself. Time to call a spade a spade. To remain silent once you view all of the evidence it is be complicit – and we will not be part of that.

In fact, we suspect that Sian Elias is in fact another of these Jewish masonic transvestites – a man in drag – and although we have seen no direct evidence or claims, we think it is safe to say that he/she will be directly involved with the alleged serial child sex abuse of her ‘husband’ Hugh Fletcher also.

Let the public record show that Media Whores has today publicly alleged that the New Zealand chief justice Sian / Sean Elias is a serial child sex offender her/himself and directly involved in the masonic child sex rings operating with impunity in New Zealand, if not running the entire operation. It is the only reasonable conclusion to make and we would be more than happy to present all of the evidence in a public hearing, on public record.

This sick perverted monster must be arrested and put behind bars for the rest of her days if New Zealand is to ever see justice again, not just for child abuse victims, but for New Zealanders as a whole.

This Bolshevik/ Communist / masonic criminal also stands accused of ordering the murders of those who speak out against her / him – including the attempted murder of NZ author Greg Hallett. If Media Whores suddenly goes quite or ends up in the newspapers as a result of some freak accident, or even stitched up on some fake charges, make no mistake that it will be this criminal Masonic witch who has arranged the entire thing. They will use local Sayanim spies and fake witnesses, corrupt Masonic police, and corrupt Masonic coroners and judges, as per usual.

These people are NOT our leaders – they are foreign spies working for the Rothschild masonic pedophile ring corporate / communist New World Order. They are criminals of the highest order and Talmudic / masonic pedophilia is the glue that binds them. They have been poisoning our minds and raping children across Western Nations for the past 75 years, using their masonic control of media and our Governments to cover it all up as they go.

Disclaimer – Media Whores has not stated that every Jew is part of this communist/ Masonic conspiracy, although their silence on all such matters, not least the rampant child abuse in NZ, staged 911 attacks and fake war of terror is deafening. We have referred to communist and masonic Jews and their Mk Ultra sodomy mind control victims and agents, but are yet to see any evidence that all Jews are not a part of this global conspiracy. 

“Every Jew is a spy” – Greg Hallett (see video below)

Make no mistake the pedophiles have police and cyfs in there pockets. M.P. Nick Smith got a child [@#$%^] club running right out of his office by a guy called Dan Dolejs, who has links to the most powerful pedophiles in this country. If the head of the wellington hospital emergency department Dr Paul Quigley is getting away with drugging and [@#$%^&*] children, which is filmed , what else do you think might be going on ?” – Justin Davis

Greg Hallett raised these issues in the High Court on 20 April 2009 and 860 pages of testimony were reduced to 1 with 859 pages triple sealed. When Justice Stevens was reminded that his boss Sian Elias was a contract killer, he simply replied: “She’s not my boss

Hugh Fletcher would run child sex abuse soirees with 14–18-year-old Polynesian boys, and wear a Nazi uniform while he orchestrated them.

The World of Truth 

Dame Sian Elias is a Sayanim Mossad contract killer married to the very rich bisexual Hugh Fletcher who runs child sex abuse soireés. 

In October 2003, Helen Clark put out a hit on her friend and chief historian Michael King.  No one picked it up.  The Mossad then raised Sian Elias’ hand in exchange for gifting her the new Supreme Court to be run from Israel.  Helen Clark then absolutely rammed the Supreme Court Act through Parliament, and passed it two days later on 15 October 2003 – making Sian Elias the new Chief Justice of the new Supreme Court.

The new Supreme Court was then formed on 1 January 2004 and sat for the first time on 1 July 2004.  Smack bang in the middle of this, Michael King was murdered in unresolved suspicious circumstances.  Michael was burnt alive by the Mossad in order to set the Supreme Court in a piece of history – occult history – burning history’s King.  The Supreme Court is now eternally compromised to Israel and remains deathly secure as an occult mafia.

Helen Clark’s husband was then arrested in San Francisco for child sex abuse. So Helen ran a distraction programme which included kidnapping Olaf Wiig – husband of Helen Clark’s former lover, Anita McNaught – in Gaza, by the ASIO/Blackwater terrorist, UN worker and New Zealander of the Year, David Shearer in exchange for her seat in the Mt Albert electorate when she left three years later to become 3-IC of the UN.  In order to secure this, Phil Goff ran a distraction programme on the undisclosed sexual practices of National MP Richard Worth.

Six months earlier, Helen Clark had herself named ‘Greatest Living New Zealander’.  Churchill got the same treatment.  Both were world government contract killers heavily involved in the occult.

Helen Clark made a series of murder attempts against the author from April 2002 to March 2008, finishing up with a series of threats made in Parliament on 3 June 2008.  A week later the bailiff turned up.  The case was then postponed until the day after Helen Clark left New Zealand to become 3-IC of the UN, with its new mandate to become the World Army and Helen Clark in control of world murders – Georgia Guidestones genocide – hence her proving ground murdering her close friend Michael King in such spectacular fashion. – the Jews running New Zealand.

NZ’s Latest Masonic Murder Cover Up? Cindy George & Her 3 Children – Ashburton

The Mass Suiciding of Kiwi Children in the Far North – by the Masons…..

Are the Freemasons a Global Child Abuse Cult? #FreeTheMasons

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    Mike says:

    Just a quick note that the science regarding the use of poison and TB is that the use of poison application to pests actually causes the TB to spread much faster and deeper. So the Molesworth 1080 poison drop killing hundreds of deer and at least 1,000,000 native birds said to be used to control TB, actually caused the TB to be spread further and faster because the animals travel large distances looking for new mates and pick up the TB off the land. This is very well known science and known to both DOC and to Federated Farmers, who cover it up jointly, and use their favourite strategy of pseudo science. While claiming the opposition is unaware of the science. Sounds a bit Zionist doesn’t it?
    Next is the business of Waikato University and giving Helen Clark an honourary doctorate. Very political. It is time that the “Waikato University Doctorate” was printed on toilet paper and used for arse wiping, for all that it is worth. No doubt students and prospective students will get the idea. The Chancellor has a very disturbing background, associated with Michael Moore whom David Lange described as “evil”. Previously he was researched and his connections to recommendations of putting scum into high places is notorious. See how Hamilton City like to see their University degrees put into true light with the honorary doctorate given to this murderous paedophile occult Satanist witch.

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