Profile of the New Age Homosexual Serial Rapists – Bryan Singer


Featured Image – Bryan Singer, Hollywood director and serial gay rapist


Welcome to the ‘liberal’ new age of gay ‘rights’.

The right to abuse children, rape teenagers and otherwise do what thy wilt. Whatever happened to good old fashion “human rights”?

They love those black rimmed reading glasses. Always fanatically groomed in their appearance. They usually work in media, Government and often captains of industry. And they rape as many people as they can – with a preference for youth.

Auckland and Wellington are crawling with them. As are the Councils and Beehive. And most mainstream media outlets. Run by them in fact. The same types run the money supply, so it filters down from on high. Once the money is taken care of – their primary purpose in life becomes to sexually groom other people’s children then procure them for the people who pay their restaurant tabs and mortgages. John Campbell is yet to comment.

Meet Bryan Singer, X Men director – entertaining your teenagers, while raping as many of them as possible.

So liberal.

The homosexual powers that be have skilfully replaced straight sexual violence with their preferred kind of sexual violence, under the guise of “gay rights” and “liberalism”. Sodomy rights for the Sodomites.

Note the Babylonian “X” Symbolism – all around you these days. The symbol of Babylonian Satanism – see video below.

Disclaimer – Media Whores has seen no direct evidence that Base Backpackers and Kiwi Experience are owned and run by serial gay rapists – but we have seen evidence that backpackers are being drugged and raped en masse in New Zealand, from the Justin Davis Files. Certainly an unfortunate choice of logo symbolism, not least for the youth market. “Base” is also a reference to the the Black Cube, 666. Media Whores has not stated that all homos are serial rapists. 

Claims Backpackers Being Drugged and Sexually Assaulted En Masse in New Zealand


Image – Base Backpackers – skillfully turning youth travel into a corporate run sex and drug cult. 


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