Wellington Man – Bill/ William Forster – Implicated in the Scott Watson Murders/ Cover Up


Featured Image – Wellington multi millionaire, William/ Bill Forster.  Linked to the Scott Watson Hope Smart murder cover ups


Note – this information has been shared on the Free Scott Watson Facebook page – but the moderators of that page seem to be blocking it. 

Anyone who is paying attention to what’s going on will be well aware by now that the World is being run by ‘elite’ / mega rich pedophiles.

From what we have researched, it seems apparent that most of them are either religious types, Bar Association members (many of whom go on to become judges), medical professionals, politicians or just spoiled little rich kids posing as entertainers of some kind.

Our conclusion is that what sits behind all of these professional pedophiles is the Babylonian Talmud. All three of the Abrahamic religions were invented by and always run by Talmudic Jews, or those who call themselves such. They pervert history and scripture so as to better farm the ‘Goy’ /  ‘Lamb of God’ / sheep and then systematically go ahead and rape as many of their children as they possibly can. This is permitted if not encouraged under Talmudic Law and aside from the fact they all seem to be big fans of it, it is also a form of trauma based mind control, with the average Talmudic pedophile abusing around 200 children over their lifespan, with 1 in 8 of those kids then going on to become a pedophile themselves, and almost all of the remainder becoming weakened and submissive for the rest of their days. This is often referred to as Mk Ultra mind control – the trendy new name for Talmudic pedophilia and associated child abuse. They even do it to their own children it seems.

We have covered a lot of that in our other articles and the theory is backed up by all of the ongoing pedophilia scandals we see coming out of the news – from the Westminster Scandal, Jeffrey Epstein scandal, Pizza Gate, the current Hollywood scandal  and numerous others across the Globe – its a permanent state of pedophilia here on Earth, with these wealthy Talmudic types running the whole show, thanks to their control of the money counterfeiting / banking industry and associated debt and usury. If you want a home and a job, a lawyer a dentist or health care, you have to give these people access to your kids, essentially.

Our own Justin Davis Files would seem to agree with that theory also, as do the thousands of other historic child abuse claims made against the Rothschild and Crown controlled NZ government and its agencies over the past decades. Even the David Bain murders which were apparently an Otago pedophile ring cover up operation, run by the Israeli Mossad according to Greg Hallett and others.  They rape anything and everything they can get their hands on – it is both an epidemic and pandemic of Talmudic pedophilia around the World.

We thought we might highlight this little snippet from the Justin Davis Files today – where he alleges that a Wellington man by the name of William (or Bill) Forster was involved in the Oliver Hope and Ben Smart murders and the subsequent stitching up of innocent man Scott Watson.

As we have previously covered, the Justin Davis Files have been bought to the attention of all main stream media outlets and major journalists, most politicians, the NZ police and even the chief justice Sian Elias – but none of them will touch it, again most likely proving that these are the same Crown/ Rothschild owned and run groups in our society that do the raping (not all of them obviously, but certainly the higher ups/ those in command, in fact they seem to get knighted and honored if they do enough of it).

William Forster , wellington millionaire and pedophile. Friend of L. Ross Jackson who I have mentioned before. He one of the pedo’s involved in ben smart oliva hope murders. There a photo of the real boat in his house. I was there confronting him on other matter when I clicked with the photo. He confirmed it right before I was drugged” – The Justin Davis Files. 

Actually he mentions Bill Forster a number of times, but the other stuff was a bit too graphic and we have chosen not to repeat it. Just download the file and use “Control F” to find the name Forster. Davis also mentions other people of the same last name, possibly family members. We do know this type of stuff runs in the family, its a ruling bloodline after all.

Obviously, if there was ever an investigation into the Justin Davis Files, someone should be checking up to see if there is indeed a photo of the same boat in Mr Bill/ William Forster’s home, or if he has ever owned a boat of that description. Very simple stuff but obviously doesn’t suit the agenda of having framed an innocent man and having him see out his time in jail so that the people who stitched him up can all go free.

Not that we can confirm these allegations, but clearly in a civil Nation of laws, not run by ‘elite’ pedophiles, an investigation needs to take place, not least for public safety. It is safe to assume that the people being exposed but never investigated could still be at it – meaning hundreds of NZ kids are being drugged and raped each week across the Nation. Hardly ideal.

We did some checking online for William/ Bill Forster and we think we found the man Davis is referring to, as many if not all of the people he exposes seem to be dedicated chess fans, with most of them appearing on both NZ and International Chess websites.

Here is the William Forster we found. Again we cannot confirm the allegations, or if this is the same Bill/ William Forster but if the pedos that be refuse to investigate these allegations we think the best idea is to post them online in the interests of public safety. We include the links to the sources underneath if anyone wants a closer look. If anyone would like to correct us, please use the comments section below. 

http://wellingtonchess2012.blogspot.co.nz/2013/01/  (two images)

NZ Chess website – very concerning to see so many children, not to mention immigrant kids around the people Davis has named. Chess, Churches, doctors offices etc are obviously a good choice for those wanting access to children.

Bill/ William Forster on Linked In:


Bill Forster

Engineer at Triplehappy.com

New Zealand
Computer Software
  1. triplehappy.com
  1. Sidhe Interactive,
  2. Turnstone New Zealand,
  3. Paragon Solutions Ltd
  1. University of Canterbury
  1. Personal Website

There was also a law firm chambers that popped up on our search – which states that a William Forster helped set up the company but has since retired. Unsure if related.

William Forster Chambers 

An article from Stuff on the Hope/ Smart murders also popped up – as it seems Justin Davis himself has named Bill Forster in the comments section – he uses the same name on his Facebook profile


Again – we can’t confirm Justin Davis’s allegations, but clearly they need to be bought to the public’s attention, given the NZ justice system and government are all deliberately ignoring it as best they can.




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