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Just a few quick thoughts on William / Bill Forster & the Scott Watson murder cover ups.

The people that Justin Davis exposes are clearly all part of a big club – known to each other and all protecting each other.

If someone was able to go through and identify what it is that binds them all, then you have your answer as to who is running the show – who runs the Government, the Judges and Justice system, the NZ police and these pedophile rings. This will no doubt be the same ‘club’ that runs the same pedophile rings overseas also. It is very much a global operation and Globalist corporate agenda.

We often use the term “Freemasons” and even Masonic Jews, while many people throughout history have simply claimed that it is Jews, period.

If you research who owns and runs these large global corporates these days, they are grossly over represented by Jews. It is racial supremacy (racism) on a Biblical scale.

Check out – The ZOG website : Who Controls America? When Victims Rule: A Critique of Jewish Pre-Eminence in America

In fact that word Global has interesting etymology. Firstly, we do not even live on a Globe and if you haven’t figured that out yet, you are still eating too many food additives/ poisons which are keeping you in a permanently dumbed down state. Global could be seen as a play on the word Kaaba, or the Jewish / Babylonian Kabbalah, with their God eL added in. many people won’t get that, but that is how they play with the words they give us to use. The K and G are interchangeable, as are all of the vowels/ the vowels can always be ignored or interchanged to suit. .

We haven’t had time to do any in depth research into the people named in the Justin Davis Files, but we can tell you that many of them claim to be Christians, many are high flying scientists at the same time (a clear contradiction),  and almost all of them seem to be big fans of the game Chess, which has a very Soviet tone about it.

We had a quick look at Bill Forster’s “personal website” as mentioned on his Linked page and it is indeed a website about chess.

Bill Forster has named the interactive chess game he created as “Tarrasch”

Tarrasch was a famous Soviet/ Polish Jewish chess player.

He offers demo versions of “Houdini”, named after the Austrian/ Hungarian Jewish magician of that name.

Also “Stockfish” – another Russian/ Jewish Chess software.

And also “Komodo” – the world’s biggest lizard.

So we have a very much Jewish/ Soviet/ Russian sort of a feel to Bill Forster’s “personal website”.

One wonders if you were to look more closely at all of these alleged serial pedophiles, if they might all link back to similar Jewish/ Soviet ties.

Many of the more in depth research the fine website Lauda Finem has done into the corruption and shadowy figures that operate behind NZ government, seems to also come up with a large list of very Eastern European and Jewish/ Soviet type names

We wonder also just how many of NZ’s top bureaucrats and rich lister families have those same Hungarian/ Polish/ Soviet Jewish ties? Not least NZ’s chief justice Sian Elias who is of of Armenian / Russian decent – and most likely also Jewish.

It seems this is the problem we have NZ – Soviet / Russian Jews and their highly organized/ serial pedophilia and associated corruption. From the very top down. Or alleged serial pedophilia perhaps we should say.

William Forster , wellington millionaire and pedophile. Friend of L. Ross Jackson who I have mentioned before. He one of the pedo’s involved in ben smart oliva hope murders. There a photo of the real boat in his house. I was there confronting him on other matter when I clicked with the photo. He confirmed it right before I was drugged” – The Justin Davis Files. 

Disclaimer – we cannot confirm the allegations made by Justin Davis but we do think they need to be investigated, not ignored, and brought to the public’s attention until such time as this is done.


Russians in Israel – Wikipedia

The Russians in Israel are immigrants and descendants of the immigrants of the Russian-speaking communities of the Soviet Union, who now reside within the state of Israel. The Russians in Israel are mostly members of mixed families, more specifically, Halakhally non-Jewish members of Jewish households living in Israel …

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Today there are some 1.3 million Russian-speaking Israeli citizens, and immigration from FSU countries is again on the raise. According to the CBS, in 2015, 53% of immigrants to Israel came from the FSU, mostly Ukraine and Russia, representing a 20% rise from 2014 in immigration from Ukraine and a 44% rise from …

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Over a million citizens of the former Soviet Union (FSU) have immigrated to Israel since the collapse of the Iron Curtain in 1989. Immigrants from the FSU now make up 15% of the Israeli population, and they have transformed Israeli society. Most of the immigrants who arrived from the FSU were urban and well-educated.

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