George Clooney’s Transvestite Arabian / Semitic ‘Wife’ – Amal Alamuddin


Featured Image – George Clooney and ‘wife’ Amal Alamuddin. Muddin for Allah….and shilling for Israel. 


Shit – ‘her’ name is in fact A Male Allah Muddin. That’s the best fake name yet. A Male Muddin for Allah. They are outdoing themselves. With the help of God’s Chosen People – the word smiths of this World. In fact ‘her’ name now is probably A Male Clone with a Y on the end. Breathtakingly in your face.

George Clooney is of course Jewish. Or at least one of those who claim to be. They claim it is their birthright despite having nothing to do with religion at all.

He is also a very accomplished professional liar and bullshit artist – in that he fooled the world for so long that he was a straight man. He has also been used by his handlers to push illegal wars and ethic cleansing for the Israeli State. George Clooney is a filthy satanist war criminal.

Now it is clear that he has married a transvestite man also. Each to their own of course, but it is the dishonesty that gets us. Pushing the transgender agenda on young people around the World, as well as his work pushing illegal wars and invasions of African Nations. The man is pure low life filth.

All of these gay ‘elites’ are also stealing other people’s children and then faking their pregnancies. Thus all of the child trafficking rings we see going on – not least in New Zealand.

Check out A Male’s Rothschild beak…..she is of the bloodline also.

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