Was Convicted Killer Phillip Layton Edwards a Victim of Hugh Fletcher / Sian Elias Child Sex Ring?


Featured Image – NZ Chief Justice Sian Elias, married to Hugh Fletcher, an alleged serial (and very much protected) pedophile. 


Media Whores wonders if perhaps Mr Greg Hallett is updating his websites with new information as it comes to hand, as we had never noticed that quote we used yesterday of his mentioned the convicted killer Phillip Layton Edwards.

Here it is again:

“That is backed up further, when Sian Elias, current chief justice Sian Seerpoohi Elias was bribed into the position of chief justice, when her husband Hugh Fletcher, a known child abuser, bribed Prime Minister Jenny Shipley and the leader of the opposition Helen Clark into naming and seconding Sian Elias into the position of Chief Justice.
That way Hugh Fletcher was never being charged for his child sex abuse. Hugh Fletcher would run child sex abuse soirees with 14–18-year-old Polynesian boys, and wear a Nazi uniform while he orchestrated them. That uniform may have come from Nicholas Courlander, or maybe it was one size up. 
One of those boys in Hugh Fletcher’s child sex abuse ring, Phillip Leyton Edwards, murdered David McKnee, who was a small time TV presenter, homosexual, so it was interior design, what do you expect – pillows for biting.” – Greg Hallett

So Hallett has alleged that Phillip Leyton Edwards was a victim of our chief Justice’s husband’s child sex rings. Hallett also alleges that Hugh Fletcher has been protected by his ‘wife’ Sian Elias for his alleged serial pedophilia, which if true, in effect makes those child sex rings the work of chief justice Sian Elias also. If the allegations are true, they clearly work together.

We dug a little deeper into the case of Phillip Leyton Edwards and here is what we found:

Phillip Leyton Edwards claimed he is not a homosexual, but worked as a rent boy on K’ Rd just for the money.

He was apparently popular with Auckland’s well to do homos, including TV presenter David McNee, whom he later killed in his home by punching him “30 to 40 times”. Onlookers were shocked at the verdict of man slaughter not murder, although we would argue there should be a legal defense of “I was sexually abused by you same ‘elite’ bastards when growing up, so anything is possible”. It would appear that he received some sort of protection in that case, from on high.

In fact Winston Peters had even claimed in parliament that certain evidence had been withheld by NZ police in that trial.

“Mr Peters said that Edwards had pleaded “homophobic panic” as a defense and that certain evidence had not been put to the court….Mr Peters asked Prime Minister Helen Clark in follow-up questions whether she had confidence in her Police Minister, George Hawkins.” – Herald 

He was jailed for manslaughter and when released was in the papers again for kidnapping a young boy, who was later found alive and unharmed, causing another outcry.

Another article popped up however detailing how he had some years earlier been accused of assaulting the (no doubt homosexual) husband of a well known Auckland judge, in their home. Almost all of the K Rd hookers, gay and straight, are on the meth, so perhaps we could conclude that the Auckland judge’s husband was doing meth and /or sex deals with K Rd rent boys, at his home? That is pretty much what is suggested in the article below also.

“Mr Peters, who clearly has leaked police files on the case, argues that if Phillip Layton Edwards had been prosecuted for an attack on Peter Shaw, husband of Employment Court Judge Coral Shaw, he would not have gone on to kill an Auckland interior designer, David McNee, in July last year.

He is awaiting sentencing after admitting manslaughter in what he claims was a sex deal gone wrong.

Mr Peters told Parliament on Tuesday that Mr Shaw had laid a false complaint of aggravated burglary and that Edwards had been invited into the Shaw home in Morningside, Auckland, in September 2002.

Yesterday he said it became clear to the police that some of the physical evidence at the crime scene was at odds with the verbal evidence of Mr Shaw. He said Mr Shaw was called to the police station for a second interview and Judge Coral Shaw was present during it.”  – Herald 

Might we conclude out of all of this that Phillip Leyton Edwards was indeed a child sex victim  of our Chief Justice Sian Elias and ‘her’ husband Hugh Fletcher, and that he was given certain legal protection upon their orders, in case, or so that, he would not mention or speak about his other clients, or his knowledge of child sex rings run by our chief justice Sian Elias? And how many others are out there involved in this sort of stuff and getting the same ‘protection’?

Do we have a situation where those who pose as justice in our once proud Nation are in fact serial pedophiles who are running child sex rings which groom and create the criminals, hookers, drug addicts and even killers of tomorrow?

This fits in very well with the argument that we often make that the NZ justice system is in fact run by Babylonian/ Jewish Talmudic Law, which encourages pedophilia and leads to Mk Ultra trauma based mind control of its victims, who then go on to oil the wheels of the justice system in years to come – keeping them all employed if you will. Not to mention keeping our judges all well serviced with homosexual rent boys and meth dealers.

What a state of affairs.

Welcome to Jewish/ Soviet Communism folks – we have well and truly arrived.

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    Lee says:

    It is nice to go to the beach and fishing but once this stuff gets a grip then it is very hard to let it go. President Putin puts it clearly in relation to people asking him to drink alcohol with him “I will drink with you when the job has been completed”. The greatest power people have is invisibility and to be able totally unseen and to locate these child gang rape religious cult members and their paid enforcers over the summer and take them down one at a time. People still fail to realize just how bad this stuff is, ask the families whose child was suicided by these pricks how they feel, that this stuff is a societies worst nightmare being run by those who are paid to run and maintain the society. Wherever large amounts of public money head towards as Govt or Council they have their sexually compromised donkeys in there sucking it out in what is massive unseen money totally disappearing. How many thousands of jobs and thousands of businesses have collapsed simply because these rats help themselves illegally to money that is meant to be part of the public spending pool, known as the “fruits of the labours” of the people under Common Law. That they have no legal right to touch under Common law. Unless they have a totally corrupt Judiciary, which NZ has, as a religious child killing paedophile cult going all the way to the top, which needs to be removed. And the “not paedophile bloodline” Royal Family that Gregg Hallett discovered has been working with, needs to be put back into power. Look at what happened when the Marine Engineer from Rotorua, Sid Hanzlik burnt himself to death, martyred himself in the worst possible way, outside Parliament two days before the elections. His placards referred to them as a religious cult and to stop murdering the fathers and to stop taking the children off the mothers. That is how upset some people are about this. Sid Hanzlik was running a successful mechanical business in Rotorua for over 15 years and was extremely well informed. In Rotorua the Maori female reporter wrote of him “the man who died in an accident”. That was no accident that was self immolation to bring peoples attention to severity of the trouble they are in with these entrenched paedophile rings in NZ, virtually run by the NZ Judiciary, who Gregg Halletts are “an occult mafia”. Who USA intel wikileaks 2011, refers to NZ law as, “little less than an image controlled by parochial interests”, “whatever those interests may be”. Meaning a total paedophile ring control over the law, so that the law ceases to function, so that they can get their hands on more NZ children, to rape torture and kill as part of their satanic rituals as the hidden hand behind communism. Their favourite days for torturing toddlers in the very worst days are Christmas Day and Easter Monday, as shown by Bill English eating pizza on front page news on Easter Monday with that sick snake saying “I hope this gets me elected”, that his advising paedophile rings nationwide to eat children (pizza) on Easter Monday was so outrageous that he would be highly blessed with an election win. That was on a par with the front page pictures of the NZ navy vessel Te Kaha allegedly dumping $100 million or so of heroin into the ocean watched by a USA warship, problem is that Gregg Hallett clearly said that the navy was the heroin traffickers and that NZ’s biggest export next to dairy was heroin, with special accounts in the NZ public treasury. That it is well known that child sex trafficking and heroin go hand in hand, so if NZ’s being the supplier of heroin in massive amounts, it must also be the supplier of children for sex trafficking in massive amounts, and that is why nthe mass murder of the Bain family took place, with one being strangled to death and four others being shot. Zionism that was behind the mass murder of some 80 million Russians in the Bolshevik revolution, with an account of some 80,000 Christian Priests of the Russian Orthodox church being mass murdered in one day. These characters are totally murderous and need to be sorted out nice and quietly or sooner or later the child supply to their networks in NZ from the USA and other places may wear out, and then it will be NZ children that are going to disappear in mass numbers. This is why they refuse to generate a historical child abuse inquiry in NZ, the lot of the bastards are involved in it, and NZ is the hub. The Australian inquiry just released showed that there was a maximum of 20% paedophiles in the Marist brothers branch, with an average of 7% overall, with percentages increasing the closer they got to NZ. The one time NZ numbers were included into the inquiry turned the numbers to a massive 40%. That just as the the child and youth suicide numbers in NZ being double that of Australia, so also was the paedophile percentage in the Catholic Church to a whopping 40%. That in fact elements within the Catholic church appear to send paedophile priests into areas, to deliberately infest the areas with paedophiles as their modus operandi. In conjunction with the “totally corrupt” (according to Ross Meurant) NZ police. Funny how Nuie first had the worst paedophile Catholic priest, a Kevin Glover sent there in about 1990, which gave enough time for Nuie Isalnd to come totally under paedophile control. Later to have the ex police Ross Ardherne sent there as NZ High Commissioner (over 1200 people). The FBI and others has been well informed that it is likely that USA children are probably being sent to Nuie Island for further international sex trafficking.With Ross Ardherne being sent back toi NZ only a few days ago, I would be very concerned if I was NZ families, as to where they are going to get their child sacrifice victims from for their Xmas day orgy of child destruction by what are little less than several hundred of these criminal religious child killing cults throughout NZ and especially found in the politicians, police Judiciary and City Councils.If Ross Ardherne was moved out because he was about to be arrested by FBI, then a whole child smuggling operation may have broken down and they may become desparate enough to grap NZ children at random, with their enforcers and child suicide squads. Mass murdering Zionists who cannot get enough children to kill.

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