Our Real Visitor Numbers – Up to 72,000 Readers per day


As we have previously covered, the PHP software that WordPress and most other website software runs on is owned by an Israeli/ Soviet company and is thus wide open for hacking.

It beggars belief this website has not been taken down really, but a great thing for freedom of speech and real journalism in New Zealand.

What ‘they’ do instead however is seriously hack our view numbers, to make truth look less popular than it really is.

These are the same inbred mafia that rewrite history over and over and it is most likely that one day Media Whores will be taken down (if not just assassinated) along with most other websites like it, and over the next 50-100 years the poor Jews will be painted up as the victims of this era once again and the history books doctored to suit that narrative.

In the meantime, you are reading one of the most popular, if not the most popular news source in New Zealand to day.

We try to avoid logging into the back end of our hosting environment as it lessons the chance of a Soviet/ Israeli/ or British intelligence agency (of which the GCSB is a subset) spying on the passwords, but last time we checked the raw visitor numbers we were getting 1000 visitors every 20 minutes, even at 2am in the morning (obviously overseas visitors). That could equate to as many as 72,000 visitors per day.

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They hack our view numbers that you can see at the top of articles, often winding them back as a post goes viral, then they just freeze it at a number they like. The articles they really hate, like the recent one about the alleged Sian Elias/ Hugh Fletcher child sex ring, get frozen on very small numbers while the ones that serve their purpose are allowed to run. One example of such is the article we posted with the allegations that Paula Bennett used to be a hooker while on the dole. She had just voted down tighter gun laws, and so that info on her was leaked some days later and our article allowed to peak out at 120,000 odd views. All of our articles have at least that many hits.

It is of course ridiculous to think that 120,000 read the Paula Bennett article but only 50-100 of those people ever come back to see what’s new/s. Everybody on Facebook NZ has seen this site, and everyone on twitter, as well as email campaigns to almost every group you can think of in NZ, from all of the political parties, to the entire legal profession, most health professionals, every church in the Country etc. Every time we post an attention grabbing headline, it has gone out to  every group associated with that post. And yet we are supposed to believe that only 70 people read the lead articles. lol.

There are around 4 different back end statistics plugins we can use/ see, and none of them match each other – they are all hacked. We can only rely on the raw data as above.

Here is one of the hacked statistics systems – there are never any actual visitors on line according to this one – which is the main WordPress system , not even ourselves as we actually check it.

We are hands down NZ’s leading alternative news source, but somehow we suspect there will be no recognition.

Nor have we ever asked for a dollar. We simply want to expose the pedophile bastards and hopefully help keep Kiwis and their families safer from them and their organized/ satanic / vampiristic/  pedo behavior. In terms of community service, we could think of no better use of time or resources.

The internet is the New World Order folks, run from the Rothschild’s (which is the Orsini Family) headquarters in Israel, with an army of Soviet computer engineers. The ‘gate’ is still somewhat open until all of the sheeple have been herded onto it – then the hammer will come down eventually, with every man stuck with his very own iPhone handcuffed to their side, if not inserted up your rectum.

They are simply burning their old World order behind them as they shift – from West back to East – as they do roughly every 2000 years – the Nazi/ Zionist Phoenix rising from the ashes, same as it did after the same global gang staged WWII.

As far as we can tell at least.

MP Paula Bennett Accused of Multiple Counts of Benefit Fraud, Racism & Child Abuse



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3 thoughts on “Our Real Visitor Numbers – Up to 72,000 Readers per day”

  1. Lee says:

    Also think some of your comments get hacked out as well. I just read the stuff about Winston, that I never read before, of yours. It seems reasonably obvious that the movements of Winston Peters and the movements of Ross Ardhern are connected. Winston went away doing stuff and then a bit later it was announced the Ross Ardhern was being shifted off Niue Island as High Commissioner to about 1200 people. Niue Island has been considered to be a child sex trafficking hub for USA children who totally disappear by the hundreds of thousands. Into presumably Australia and New Zealand political pedophile rings that are second only to the UK elite political pedophile rings. Which appear to be the most entrenched and murderously sadistic on the planet, thanks to Lowell Goddard, John Key, Chris Finlayson and we should never forget Nick Smith and Bill English. So Niue Island and the Ross Ardhern connection was blown to a global audience about 2 months ago. The return of Ross Ardhern to NZ to do work on Tonga sounds a bot like Dan Dolejs being moved from chairman of the National Party to running their INTERNATIONAL child sex trafficking operation from Nelson. Just another paedophile scam. Winston being so drug running connected, obviously means child and sex trafficking connected. Lowell Goddard after all did buy her first racehorse with Hugh Fletcher and Sian Elias and are obviously well connected to NZ’s Winnie the Pooh. I suggest that the political paedophiles in NZ got warned that Niue was gonna get hit, to get Ardhern out. Winnnie the pooh had to discuss the details as a trusted inner sanctum type of the club because it also involved drug shipments along with the children to be butchered for Xmas dinner. That there is now a problem they dont have as many kids as they need, and they gotta obey the clubs rules. The clubs rules are that be be in the top levels they gotta kill in the worst possible kids and toddlers for Xmas dinner. So they are gonna be desperate, like a junkie hanging out for a fix, so it would be a very good idea to keep the kids very close this Xmas and not let them out of sight. To keep an eye out for a pair of males probably, or four, disguised as travelers. Although there are females who really enjoy the gang rape and butchering of other woman’s little children. Obviously Lowell Goddard and Sian Elias are amongst that lot. Israeli’s would be my prime suspects, unless the 200 or so children required for torturing and butchering in NZ have been shipped to Tonga. Although Ardherns past connections appear to be more towards samoa. He has worked the Islands for about 15 years now. Which is a lot of alleged movement of drugs and children for Bill English’s Easter Monday highly publicised cannibal feast. The point overall being that the removal of Ross Ardhern wasn’t without exceptional ulterior reasons, connected to the stuff Winnie the pooh, knows how to deal best. Drugs and the children that go with the drugs. Suggest the commercial fishermen might wont to keep their eyes open for a vessel carrying cages of USA toddlers.

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