Angela Merkel is Hitler’s Daughter


Featured Image – Hitler with his daughter, now named Angela Merkel. 


These people, or this bloodline if you will, often hide their ‘Chosen by God’ purpose and agendas in their fake names. Angela Merkel is a Hebrew play on the English words, Angel More Kill. This seems odd to those who still believe their education was designed to enlighten them and are yet to figure out that the word “Intelligence” actually means “In Tell a Gentile” – as in, tell a gentile what to think. Beyond ‘intelligence’ which is just a measure of your level of retardation and mind control, are the concepts of truth, enlightenment and knowledge.

Keep in mind that Hitler was also a Rothschild – and in effect was also the founding father of the Israeli State, destroying Europe in the process.

Looks like the powers that still persist have removed the sound off the first video, but others follow


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7 thoughts on “Angela Merkel is Hitler’s Daughter”

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    llloyd says:

    Whatever else happened in the German WW2 camps, the children mostly Jewish inside them were well cared for and received education which put them in good stead for emigration after war. Now compare that to the Palestinian children victims of the Zionist wars as depicted in Weinstein distributed movie Miral. They were completely abandoned by the Zionist authorities and sheletered and educated only by private charity. As Jesus said. Consider the beam in your own eye.

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    Cat says:

    Hitler is the unheralded Father of Israel
    Without Hitler Israel would not exist
    the Belfour Contract
    Benjamin Freedman
    the Transfer Agreement
    Hence the liquidation of Eichmann and Heydrich
    Work camps as shelves for safe keeping until after the War
    As being instrumental and key figures in the creation and setting up of the State of Israel
    A Statue should be erected in His Honour

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