Clarke Gaylord Speaks Out


Featured Image – Clarke Gayford – fruit loop


God help us…

In fact are those teeth shapeshifting?

And has anyone seen Jim Bolger in the past few years?


Other opinions, not necessarily interbred, or related…..

Labour’s Kelvin Davis Takes a Walk for Child Abuse


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13 thoughts on “Clarke Gaylord Speaks Out”

    1. mediawhores says:

      nice of you – cheers
      yes, the little bastard was sitting there like a child posting crap.
      found him though- that is the steve wall post.
      a silly little bastard.

  1. Well as the Justin Davis are your only source of information how reliable is it? Anyone with half a brain can see the guys cheese has slid of the cracker. And I have to ask what is your motivation? To protect the common “goy” from pedophiles as you claim or is it an excuse to express your hate for all other humans as you yourself have failed in the system you hate so much? My guess is you are hatefully lonely and actually hate yourself?

    1. mediawhores says:

      Rudolph – it is nice to know we are getting the attention of you pedophiles out there.
      PS: the justin davis files are the only story out there. everything else is a distraction from exposing you filthy low life inbred pedofile fks.

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