David Seymour on Jewish Racism & White Genocide in New Zealand


Featured Image – David Seymour of the Act Party – bringing in new euthanasia laws to quicken up the white genocide project for his Jewish banking overlords. Seems the baby boomers are just not dying fast enough, so time to give things a push. Instead of taking the GST off their power bills, fruit and veges, lets just give them cheap death vaccines instead. Brilliant. In the historical context of things, this little inbred Nazi / Zionist would probably be tried and hung by his scrawny little neck for conspiracy to organize mass deaths. Check out those fangs, and the standard Rothschild beak. Yet to comment on allegations that all of our MP’s are serial child sex offenders being bribed by the Israeli State, possibly a little tied up with children’s ‘charities’. David is a Hebrew reference to their God Satan. Satan See More. Media Whores is seeking comment from Mr ‘See More’ on white genocide in New Zealand but suspect he will opt for the Masonic code of silence. 

jewish racism-white-genocide

Image – Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, Jewish extremist/ racist.


New Zealand has been experiencing something of it’s own holocaust in recent years, with mass premature deaths via the hospitals, retirement homes, the Masonic pedophile rings and associated suiciding of children, child poverty, homelessness, the antidepressant suicide drugs, so called legal highs, third world road conditions, the government and judiciary run meth industry, government child sex trafficking, the fluoridation of water supplies, the chemical warfare playing out in the corporate supermarkets, the vaccine agenda …and numerous other State (Goldman Sachs/ Rothschild) sponsored soft kill programs.

This is nothing new really however, as the Jewish bankers and banking families have been genociding people around the World for a very long time. The etymology / Hebrew roots of the very word ‘Genocide’ is of course Genetic Coding – the means by which the Jewish eugenicists ethnically cleanse the world’s DNA to better suit their corporate human farming agendas.

They specialised in genociding Native populations around the World for most of the past millenia  but seem to have turned their attention and focus more on the genociding of the white race in more recent decades. Not least via WWI and WWII where they orchestrated wars that lead to the deaths of 10’s of millions of white Christians around the World, with up to 100 million more via the communist regime they put in place in Russia as they set up their World wide power base in the Soviet State, now run by the latest Jewish tyrant and puppet, Vladimir Putin. Not to discount the genociding and ethnic cleansing these same satanic bankers orchestrated in Vietnam, Korea, Ukraine, many parts of Northern Africa and of course their recent genocidal campaigns across the Middle East since they staged the 911 attacks to gain continued support for their fake war of terror and the Israeli State. They have skillfully taken out all of the Jewish homeland’s greatest neighboring threats since their 2001 bombing of the World Trade Center buildings. Just to mention a few.

They are racist genocidal psychopaths on a Biblical Scale. And it is indeed all very much Biblical. The Bible itself is in fact a cheap knockoff of their Old testament Talmudic texts which hails straight out of the old Babylonian empire and instructs Jews to basically try and kill all other races, while permitting the rape and murder of their children.

Now go and strike Amalek and utterly destroy all that he has, and do not spare him; but put to death both man and woman, child and infant, ox and sheep,camel and donkey.'” – Samuel 15:3

Most people of course shut down when told about Jewish terrorism, racism and ethnic cleansing, as they have all had the Holocaust lie drummed into them since primary school and via round the clock Jewish programing and mind control from their TV sets and Jewish owned Hollywood. The same Jewish owned and controlled Hollywood that we now learn is little more than a child sex procurement operation, yet still people cling on to everything they have been fed by them.

These are the same fruit loops and Mk Ultra trauma victims that will deny there is any such thing as white genocide (along with all of the other genocides we see going on) – even as they fill their supermarket trolleys with chemically poisoned foods each week, drink the fluoridated tap water and queue up dutifully every year for their vaccine shots containing slow kill mercury, then shuffle their parents off to retirement home death camps to be euthanized.

Some say the Jew bankers end goal is actually to get the World population to under 500,000,000, and by any serious analysis, they are well underway towards their goal – for their ‘God’.

It would seem however, in general terms at least, that the white race will go along with their genociding by the Jewish racists and psychopaths, on the proviso that they at least be permitted to watch Jewish owned  internet porn, All Blacks and Netflix child sex videos on large screen TV’s ….until the cancer sets in.

Just don’t mention the Holocaust, or historic and current organized child sex abuse scandals by ‘our’ governments in the meantime please. That would be politically incorrect.

“Jewish supremacy” exists and it is not mere “Zionist supremacy”, it is much older, more fanatical, more sinister and more dangerous than Zionism, it goes further and deeper than Jewish nationalism or Jewish imperialism. It has its roots deep in the very ideology, laws and practice by many Hasidim who interpret the word “Chosen” to mean far more than message-carriers with their living-example, and instead understand it to mean: Jewish people (materialized by “Israel”) have the divine right to lead and dominate. Should it be called Political Judaism, the deluge of corroborating evidence would be overwhelming.” – Jewish Supremacy 


“For you are a people holy to the Lord your God. The Lord your God has chosen you out of all the peoples on the face of the earth to be his people, his treasured possession.” Deuteronomy 7:6 








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5 thoughts on “David Seymour on Jewish Racism & White Genocide in New Zealand”

  1. Harry the Dog says:

    E, you will note that white people did not vote according to instructions, particularly in 2016 UK and USA, and thus the *NWO have put measures in place.

    * “the enemy” for want of something more accurate.

  2. E says:

    4 months ago
    Hey…didn’t scientists just announce recently that “Sperm levels are falling across the western world”?

    Yes. Yes they did.

    Jewish Power & Privilege
    Jewish Power & Privilege
    1 minute ago (edited)
    Yes and only Western world. Mostly white peoples and Japanese. We have been attacked in more than one way, feminism, flouride, chemtrails, MGTOW many ways to keep our population down. The white population is at below replacement level but South America, Asia and Africa are doing just fine. It seems their sperm levels haven’t decreased either. Sure seems like someone wants white people gone for some reason. I’ve read a lot of documents about the breeding of a slave race that will accept their slavery unknowingly and never question their masters and how the leaders will easily control a horde of lesser dark races so its obviously race based. I also am pretty sure I know whos doing it. View name and my video playlist for evidence.=p

  3. Cat says:

    Revelation 3:9 Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Judeans, and they are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

    1. Cat says:

      There hasn’t been a lot said about the 13.7 million dollars of NZ Tax (Interest) Payers money John Key forwarded to the Clinton Foundation
      Which has been described by a High Court Judge in the US as being nothing more than a criminal enterprise
      Warranting Criminal Investigation
      Obama and Clinton created ISIS
      We donate money to the Clinton Foundation
      Then go over seas to fight ISIS
      the Truth is the United States has never ever attacked ISIS
      Why would they attack their Own proxy Army?
      In fact they asked Russia to let up
      Yes I would say John would have some snott on His chops

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