On Jacinda Ardern, Transgender Leaders, Demonic Possession – & Exorcisms


Featured Image – is our new PM Jacinda Ardern demoniacally possessed? But even worse than the others this time?


This just in from our comments section.

New Zealand must act to help keep our children safe from these ‘people’ who pose as our leaders….

Regarding the “DEMONS” currently still running NZ, while everyone enjoys the beach and goes fishing. Mass murdering NZ kids and youth disguised as suicide. With Xmas day being the most special day to torture to death these little children in the very most sadistic way. Mass poisoning millions of native birds (the original children of NZ) disguised as pest control. With Robert Fenwick paedophile bloodline descendent from the Dunedin newspaper mogul getting $28 million for “pest free NZ by 2050”.
Theft of massive amounts of tax money. Thereby removing the essential internal business cash flow and totally wrecking business growth and job creation and creating huge numbers of vulnerable children for the paedophile agenda to more easily to prey upon. Disguised as taxes for the common good. Slavery is the pedophile agenda, meaning that these taxes were criminally set in place to help create this financial slavery. Business and job destruction. Corruptly and criminally disguised as taxes for the common good. By a criminal mafia.
The word “illogic” comes to mind. So also does the Buddhist view that if the argument doesn’t have logic then it is fundamentally demonic. Logic is absolutely paramount to the Buddhist perfection of generosity. Truth is thereby paramount to the successful perfection of generosity. Or business growth. Jacinta Ardhern was recently described as using “tortuous illogic” to avoid revealing the deal being between labour and NZ First. Meaning in fact that her “demonic” energy had reached into “tortuous” levels. Tortuous of course refers to what the demonic entities do to vulnerable little NZ children and poisoning to death native birds. Meaning in fact that to reach tortuous levels of illogic requires the very top end of child torturing “demonic possession”. That in fact Jacinda is likely to beyond psychiatric help and needs a trained exorcist to remedy her “demonic illogic” disguised as “feminist” issues. With a cover of helping little children. Very Zionist. A bit like Karl Marx.
In the normal family situation this illogic comes through as the male being forced to agree to anything regardless of the fact that it is totally illogical and just pops up from out of nowhere. Pure hysterical lies as pure tyranny in the family home. The use of illogic should be seen for what it actually is, “tyrannical demonic evil” that is in need of “exorcism” or in milder cases psychiatric treatment. The demonic entities when in full charge of the mind of the “persecutor” are able to move to illogic as swiftly as a lightning bolt. The rapidity of this speed to move to illogic is an indicator of the extreme violence in disguise and the degree of demonic possession. Some “females in particular” move instantly to it and then there are those who build upon it and continue to build on this illogic which is the manifesting of higher and higher levels of pure evil tyranny. Which Jacinda Ardhern is obviously very well acquainted with. It is totally disrespectful of those whom it targets and depicts a pure evil mind.
One would hope that the Ombudsman whom Jacinda says she will “obey” is not the same Ombudsman that along with the High Court and the Appeal Court, decided to deliberately imprison thousands of NZ citizens wrongly, by corrupt use of the new Parole Act 2001, set in place by Helen Clark and thereby creating more prisoners and therefore “suddenly” provide the numbers required the need to build more prisons. Thereby also creating more vulnerable children and family breakdown to enable paedophile access to many more NZ children.
The totally corrupt Ombudsman had many complaints of the false imprisonment taking place since 2001 and the law was totally clear about it and the Ombudsman totally “criminally” covered it up, so as to enable massive levels of false imprisonment to take place.” – From our comments

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