Kirsa Jensen Case Solved – Justin Davis


Featured Image – Kirsa Jensen – missing Napier school girl – care of the NZ Police missing persons website. 

What does it tell you when a man (Justin Davis) has been to cops numerous times to tell them that his father [Albert William Davis] kidnapped and helped murder Kirsa Jensen, but they have ignored him and refuse to investigate, while the girl’s photos still remains on their missing person’s list?

Also interesting to note that over 400 Kiwis are currently reported as missing, yet only a handful appear on the NZ police website – they state this is because family members have requested they do not publish details. It’s largely a family run ‘business’ after all.

What a bloody nightmare getting conned into signing up for a career with the NZ police, only to then slowly learn that your main job is to protect NZ’s pedophile elite.

“Kirsa Jensen went missing while riding her horse in Napier.

Napier schoolgirl Kirsa Jensen was last seen on September 1, 1983, while riding her horse, Commodore.

Her horse was found near the Tutaekuri River bridge but Kirsa, 14, vanished without a trace.

One witness told police they had seen her with blood on her face, saying she’d fallen off her horse; two others gave evidence suggesting she may have been taken by a man driving a white ute.

The prime suspect, John Russell, committed suicide nine years later, while police discounted the 1999 “confession” of an Australian man who claimed to have killed her.

The case remains open.”

From Justin Davis

“I did mention my biological father is one of the main figures, he also the guy that abduction raped and murdered napier schoolgirl Kirsa Jensen. Albert William Davis – my biological father, note I was raised by my grandparents who were good people

Here a few murders with connections to nz pedo network – very likely to be more, but these are the ones I know about – kirsa jensen, mona blade, terressa Mccormick, lundy wife and daughter, scott guy, scott guy cousin in aussie, Greg king welly lawyer, Ben hope and Oliva smart, sister boyfriend, daughter boyfriend, Hopewell brothers in Auckland, 2 degrees founder, founder of palms medical centre in Palmy, Jean – o in Hastings , old Asian couple in Napier motel, Napier gunman, that’s just off top of my head. There probably a couple more I missed

I should mention napier gang the outlaws , they pedo’s and work for other pedo

They have two contact killers an American called Karl and nutty guy called Michael. I met them both in 2013, while they were trying to kill me

There’s a bent lawyer called anthony truant , in Napier. He has a company that registered address is outlaw gang pad in Napier. He was my ex lawyer during the battle for custody of my kids

In 1993 the outlaws tried to shot me dead up town in Napier at 3am. My friends set me up. I was soon walking around alone drunk at 3am. I heard the gun shot maybe 30 feet away. They shot someone that looked like me in the dark”


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    1. mediawhores says:

      if you are unaware that the govt medical psychopaths are “monitoring” you – thats actually called spying.
      which would be no surprise.
      thats what pedo rings do.

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