Wellington Dentist Accused of Drugging & Raping Clients for Past 35 Years – L R Jackson


Featured Image – Wellington CBD Dentist L R Jackson. Image compliments of Justin Davis


Doesn’t have a website this fella.

Best viewed on Google Maps. “Dentist L R Jackson”

Also the former head of the NZ Dental Association – suggesting most dentists could well be at it.

All university qualified medical health professionals are psychopaths – much like the lawyers. Natural born killers, liars, megalomaniacs…. and pedos. They haven’t CURED one patient between them in over 100 years of ‘advanced medicine’ – save for ripping out teeth and other body parts, hardly a cure.

Not sure if he is a Mason. Probably. And most likely some of that strange Eastern European heritage going on….only those who know him could confirm, but usually seems to be the case.

“Former head of nz dentist association , wellington dentist L. Ross Jackson – 86B Esplanade , Raumati South , Paraparumu . Dentists work out choral hydrate ( like chloform ) could be used for rapes – drug facilitated sexual assaults. If the rape victim remembers nothing it hard to prove anything went on. So they use a choral hydrate based spray with Hypnovel ( roofies ) and victim remembers nothing unless it’s real bad with torture like mine”

 Mr L. Ross Jackson is on the right. The drugging and group rapes of children are filmed, there are a number of these archives around New Zealand. I supplied New Zealand Police with two physical address and one of the guy who is running the online side of things, over 2 years ago with nothing done. Hence I am happy to make some of this information public, for reasons of public safety. I stand by my comments , and would take a polygraph on any of what I have said. Those that have seen my photos and lab reports on my injuries from being tortured will guess I telling the truth. One of these archives is a Mr Jackson home

William Forster , wellington millionaire and pedophile. Friend of L. Ross Jackson who I have mentioned before. He one of the pedo’s involved in ben smart oliva hope murders. There a photo of the real boat in his house. I was there confronting him on other matter when I clicked with the photo. He confirmed it right before I was drugged

You are sadly so correct. N.Z. pedophile ring is much wider than just dentists and doctors. It’s was a n.z. dentist that worked out you could use choral hydrate in date rape style attacks, or the proper term drug facilitated sexual assaults (d.f.s.a.). Currently there are two places in New Zealand where the pedophiles make there choral hydrate product, to subdue little kiddie, both made from ethanol by and you guess it dentists. In Wellington it’s made by L. Ross Jackson, former head of N.Z. Dentists Association. 86B Esplanade , Raumati South , Paraparumu. (Also a large collection of child rape films they and there members have made). He used to have a chemistry expert Jonathan Sarfati helping, he now is in the states making it for pedophiles there. Interesting to note like all drug making it can be dangerous. One time a fire happened with them both suffering burns to the face/neck area. The person that taught them is retired dentist Mr Craig, 604a Lascelles St , Hastings . From Hastings it’s driven by Mr Craig’s son Robert , approx 60 years old, though to hamilton pedophile Hilton Bennett, and distributed to pedophiles in the Hamilton and Auckland areas.

As for doctors involved here a few names, note theses are not the ones I suspect but ones I had personal run in’s with and can 100% confirm they are pedophiles. Dr Paul Quigley, head of Wellington Emergency department. Dr Jonathan Drake, Palmerston North, Dr Quentin King, Palmerston North Hospital ( his brother, and nephew Mathew are also involved), ? Bennett , run lab at Palmerston North Hospital (brother of Hilton , who distributes kiddie rape drugs in Hamilton and Auckland), Dr Holdaway , Palmerston North Hospital ( his brother Stewart also involved ), there quite a few more. Some I still trying to track down names, as they don’t aways introduce themselves before drugging and raping you.

You know about nz comedy jono and Ben. One is pedo. Had name suppression but someone posted photo on him

Seems lots of these pedo get legal protection”

The Justin Davis Files

Disclaimer – Media Whores cannot confirm these allegations but posts them in the interests of public safety – not least due to the fact that the NZ judiciary and government stand accused of being part of the very same ‘club’

Do the math

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    Fred says:

    “Jackson” is a very common CRYPTO Jewish surname probably derived from Jacobs/Jacobson…Sir Peter Jackson….and that dentist you mention

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      hello again pedo
      question – u have read those articles within 5 minutes of posting
      do you not have a job?
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      [answer- this is clark gayford – been harassing us since yesterdays post]

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