Is Clarke Gayford Stalking Media Whores?


Featured Image – Clarke Gaylord. Stalking fish for a living while awaiting his new role pretending to be a straight white male who supports our current system of Goldman Sachs owned child sex trafficking Government ( Also known as Jewish communism posing as capitalism) 


It has been suggested in our comments section (although admittedly by ourselves), that Clarke Gayford may be stalking Media Whores.

We are kind of used to it though – the local Masons and Sayanim show up within 5 minutes of sitting down for coffee or a beer on most occasions. They reportedly all use some sort of homosexual dating App on their iPhones which tracks the microchip on targets’ credit and Paywave cards.

Ever since our last post about him the other day, some bed wetter has been making all sorts of wild and somewhat hurtful accusations in our comments section. A man on fire.

Could it be our very own Prime Fiancée in Waiting? Or just some other random fruit loop leaping to his royal highness’s defense?

We would have thought the NZ Royals would be preoccupied at this time of year rounding up Ministry of Vulnerable Children for their Xmas rituals, but it’s anyone’s guess really.


Oh poor you all alone again, a son even a mother cant love. You say every day is a good day to show you care about people? I think you have spewed hate about every group of people in the community.


now now Clark Gayford – you seem to have missed the bit where we have done nothing BUT defend honest hard working kiwis – and their kids. the 80% + of the population you freaks seem to have forgotten about.
Anyway – time to put our differences aside and enjoy the Jewish Holy Days.
Besides, you guys will be busy rounding up Ministry of Vulnerable Children for the ‘feast’

Kelvin Davis – principal in NZ’s worst ever pedophile school district….

But one of the demons involves something he didn’t do. He tried. He could’ve tried harder, probably. Nothing was done. In 2007, when Davis was principal of Kaitaia Intermediate School, he was told of more than a dozen sexual abuse cases in the town – Noted “Kelvin Davis Demons” – indeed. 

Teacher James Parker admits student sexual abuse

Since promoted – of course – that’s how the Masonic system works……

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