New Zealand’s Most Corrupt Degenerate Judge – Kevin Phillips of Queenstown


Featured Image – Judge Kevin Phillips – awarded the title of NZ’s most corrupt and degenerate judge. Looks like a sloth, behaves like a pig. The NZ public cannot fire these disgusting old  Masonic mafia imposters, so hopefully one day he will simply choke on his own slobber and the Otago region will all be able to sleep better at night. 


In a Nation controlled by Communist / Bolshevik /masonic / inbred ‘Jewish’ bankers and run by ‘elite’ pedophiles for elite pedophiles, with a chief justice accused of being married to a serial child sex offender as well as ordering the assassination of journalists and authors, as well as a judiciary accused of being little more than child sex traffickers who run the meth and heroin trades – it is no small feat to win the title of NZ’s most corrupt and degenerate judge.

Introducing Queenstown’s slothful looking, cross dressing, treasonous little Masonic mafia boy in black robes – judge Kevin Phillips.

This man is pure filth in our opinion and has thus taken away the prize.

We should probably note that this old fool is most likely not the most ‘Evil Judge in NZ’, that prize would probably go to one of the many dedicated child sex trafficking NZ judges , Phillips is just the most openly corrupt and degenerate, in our view.

In the good old days he would be arrested on the spot and put in a labour camp for the rest of his days for ignoring the laws that tax payers pay him to uphold –  promoting pedophilia, frequently allowing perjury in his court rooms, selling under age sex (in effect), and some allege actually running the entire mafia in Queenstown. In fact in even better old days he could possibly have just been hang in the streets. Judge Kevin Phillips is a whole new class of degenerate in this new Communist Bolshevik age we find ourselves in.

He couldn’t run the local Queenstown mafia all on his own of course, so has support from a corrupt little half wit criminal senior cop by the name of Sergeant Ian Collin who was sent here from the UK and still has his UK accent. Another slothful looking corrupt old codger, Sergeant Ian Collin was busted speeding at 150km around Queenstown one day, possibly late for some sort of mafia meeting, or worse, and proving he is a lawless a-hole with no regard for public safety or NZ laws. Sergeant Ian Collin is also known to try and run proceedings himself in the Queenstown District Court, even staging entire hearings in the court room with no judge present so as to try and coerce the victims of both his and Judge Phillips corruption into changing their pleas to suit their agenda and better cover up their crimes. It is total lawlessness. Sergeant Ian Collin is also symptomatic of the corrupt low life filth we see running NZ and it’s justice system these days, like a boil on the skin of our society and a clear and present danger to the communities they live and work in – in our opinion.

These two low life criminal degenerates apparently work together to cover up pedophilia and other mafia crime in the Queenstown Lakes and Otago regions.

It appears they also get help from another top Otago cop Olaf Jensen – here he is helping cover up drug dealing in the Queenstown region. He got off of course.

They are also helped by the Queenstown District Court manager, Margaret McSweeney, also from the Uk, and also corrupt – she refuses to provide transcripts for certain hearings when needed and even refuses to accept requests for transfers of hearings to the High Court as is her duty.

Locals and their children are clearly not safe with these corrupt degenerates running the show down there.

“The judiciary shows itself to be a paedophile and crime creation movement whose primary goal is fatherless families.” – Greg Hallett.

Here is judge Kevin Phillips dressed up as an under age girl at one of Queenstown’s ‘elite’ parties

Below we list all of the dodgy and outright corrupt work of this low life old degenerate – Judge Kevin Phillips – the winner of the Media Whores “Most Corrupt and Degenerate Judge in New Zealand Award”. The list is very long, we just gave up in the end – Google the dirty old codger’s name for more…..

Here is Judge Kevin Phillips selling out the virginity (presumably) of an underage Queenstown lakes girl to one of the local ‘elite’ (inbred) families for $10,000, in total disregard for our statutory rape laws.

Here is degenerate judge Kevin Phillips charging $5000 for the fellow degenerate little rich lister Nikolas Delegat who smacked over a female cop. It is one tight little club of criminals and degenerates running Queenstown & Otago it seems :

Here is degenerate corrupt judge Kevin Phillips accused of running the prosecution in his “judge alone” trials. This low life criminal should be in jail, not running entire trials by himself.

Here is an Otago mother throwing her glasses at degenerate judge Kevin Phillips – but all details were suppressed – for all we know degenerate Phillips could have been trying to sell off her daughter’s virginity to local rich listers also:

Here is degenerate judge Kevin Phillips letting a local corporate fraudster who stole over $100,000 off jail time

Here is degenerate judge Kevin Phillips letting off another corrupt judge without a conviction

Here is degenerate judge Kevin Phillips letting off another local fraudster who stole over $200,000 and suppressing her name in the process to give her full protection. Is Kevin Phillips also taking bribes? How can we be sure?

Here is degenerate / corrupt judge Kevin Phillips giving community work to a tourist who killed a local motorcyclist :

Here is degenerate judge Kevin Phillips getting his own Facebook page dedicated to his filth, degeneracy,  and corruption:

And here is degenerate judge Kevin Phillips accused of corruption again in trying to have the Facebook page removed:

Did Colourful Judge’s 2012 “Facebooking” constitute a conflict of interest, percieved or real, in recent case – Should he have recused?

Here is another Facebook page exposing the degenerate corrupt judge Kevin Phillips

And here is judge Kevin Phillips letting off a rugby player for a violent assault

New Zealand’s Rugby Union – Get out of jail free card holds it’s value, edging slightly above “one law for all”

And here are allegations that this disgusting old corrupt bugger is actually running the mafia in Queenstown- from a post on Facebook – this man is pure filth – one of the biggest criminals in the Otago region as far as we can tell…

[GH] · Friends with —-

I agree with you in regards to the police and Judge Kevin Phillips protecting each other. How can anyone have confidence in a Judiciary that appoints a local lawyer to a position as a Judge in his local community. Blatant conflict of interest. This is a small community and everyone knows everyone. Try getting a local to give evidence against Kevin Phillips when he is the local ‘beak’. He stole from my wife and I. I reported the theft to the police, they investigated it and concealed their findings that Kevin and related parties were behind it. An OIA request revealed Kevin, as suspected, was behind it and the Queenstown police had enough evidence for a conviction as theft as a servant, I went to the IPCA to have them investigate why the Queenstown Police would not lay charges, they said I should ask the Queenstown police to re-investigate it. I did. The files went missing. ‘Destroyed’ is the word they used. Translated that means ‘stop asking, they don’t exist anymore’. I advised the investigating officer, via another officer as the investigating officer said that he does not want to talk to me, that I will go back to the IPCA. They ‘destroyed’ evidence that did not belong to them. I supplied some of it, it was my property,it should have been returned to me if they had no need of it. I returned home 4 days later, went to get the paper in the morning to find a Hazmat container with three syringes and viles in it placed on my lawn. (Hazardous material containers do not fall off trucks, they are recorded and secured. You have to keep records in the cab of a truck that can be accessed easily in the event of an accident. Nope they don’t fall off) A warning to pull my head in perhaps. A few days later I found a dead animal the same shape, size and colour as our handbag dog in a plastic bag leaning against our fence just below our mailbox. (Dead dogs do not find their way into plastic bags, tie them closed and then place themselves against the fence) Turned out to not be our dog but that was one of the reasons that I did not go to the IPCA and since then nothing ‘strange’ has happened. I did report it to the SFO as they were asked to investigate the corruption. They declined to investigate but did not pass the investigation on the the appropriate ‘department’. WTF? Corruption, yep and they know about it or they would investigate it. The old boys club works and even one of the cops said that lawyers, he was just a lawyer at the time, will circle the wagons to protect their own and not co-operate with the police. The local cop that investigated the theft of the house did not even pass his findings on to the honest cop. Even the cops look after their own. Good luck sorting that [stuff] out.


Judge Kevin Phillips is also featured selling under age sex (in effect) on this website below which Google or the GCSB appears to be blocking as it exposes so many of these degenerate NZ judges…so we have copied the thread further below.

For a person unfamiliar with the NZ justice system, it may appear that Judge Kevin Phillips can be raped for $10,000 without criminal consequences, provided that it’s done in New Zealand and by a young man who otherwise has pretty good prospects for the future. Phillips’s judgments would, of course, be mitigating circumstances of the offending. But we know that different laws apply to NZ kids and Kevin Phillips’s arse. Unlike the former, the latter is untouchable.

Kevin Phillips was quite rightfully branded a wrinkly old c.nt (“an unpleasant or stupid person”, according to oxford dictionaries) in the following articles:…-have-recused/…-think-he-was/

Professor Greg Newbold is a known New Zealand contributor to rape culture:

[The students] say Newbold, a sociology professor, made comments that “objectified women” and contributed to rape culture by saying New Zealand’s penalties for rape were too drastic and failing to address the impact on victims.…ent-complaints

University of Canterbury’s dean of law Ursula Cheer is investigating comments made by criminologist Greg Newbold, which some students said objectified women.…s-rape-lecture

Unfortunately, there’s nobody in NZ to investigate Kevin Phillips. Our only hope are young men who have pretty good prospects for the future.


And here is degenerate / corrupt judge Kevin Phillips allowing over 18 counts of perjury in his Queenstown District Court in direct contradiction to video evidence that was being shown – allowing the bouncer in the black suit to state that he “never left the bar door” when he clearly he did – twice – with his fist raised. The man is a totally corrupt dishonest and dishonorable old low life. A criminal of the highest order, posing as law and order….in our opinion and no doubt the opinions of all of the people he has conned, ripped off and otherwise let down over his career as a judge…

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