The Continents Beyond ‘Antarctica’ – Flat Earth


As media Whores has been at pains to explain over the past 15 months, there is a small and highly inbred gang of demonic parasites ruling over all of us who feed off the virgin blood of children and worship a God of blood sacrifices, pedophilia and sodomy.

Some claim they are not actually human beings at all but one thing we do know is that they are running our media, government, justice and medical systems as well as our schools.

They lie to us on a daily basis about everything essentially, as they fight for the right to rape and sodomise the human race and their children while posing as various forms of authority – doctors, judges, lawyers, journalists, politicians etc.

One of biggest lies of these inbred demonic parasites is of course the very shape of the Plane-T we live on – a gigantic historical lie which is kept in play to this day by the use of NASA, another Hollywood creation and hoax and also a Hebrew word meaning ‘to deceive on a grand scale’.


Waking the human race up to this rather awkward reality is going to be quite a task, not least due to the fact that 1.2 billion of the world’s population claim to be Roman Catholics – some of the most intellectually challenged people in the known Universe, and probably why they were all given a religion to begin with. Much like the Muslims we should add in the interests of political correctness. And a hell of a lot of practicing Jews it would seem also.

60 Bible Verses Describing A Flat Earth Inside A Dome

Those who have managed to retain their sanity however are now racing forward with their research and exploring such questions as – what is beyond those 2km high ice walls that surround the flat earth? (where they put the imaginary ‘satellite’ aerials)

“The universe is teeming with life” – Giordano Bruno 

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