Joji Varghese on the Putararu “Wild Boar” & 1080 Hoax


Featured Image – Joji Varghese, Kochummen Family Church spokesman.


‘They’ (the official story tellers) are going to great lengths to try and make this one look legit. The entire mainstream media has been deployed.

The official story was wild boar/ botulism.

The Waikato DHB released a statement that they found no evidence of such. Opps

Botulism does NOT cause loss of consciousness.

The family are members of some sort of secretive, unnamed Hamilton church. They will be very careful to never name the church of course.

Pay attention as Joji Varghese goes to great lengths to explain the eldest daughter claimed they had dinner at a different time altogether, but has since been mind controlled into submission.

This story has holes in it a mile wide. And no, it was not 1080, or their insides would have been all over the floor. If the pig had eaten 1080, it would have had its guts all over the forest floor also. These people were breaking out in laughter while unconscious.

The journalists who did this interview do great work exposing the 1080 poisoning of ‘Kiwis’ (that’s us), but they have got this case wrong.

Chloral Hydrate poisoning symptoms:

  • drowsiness, deep sleep;
  • headache, or hangover feeling;
  • nausea, vomiting, indigestion, gas, stomach pain;
  • redness or drooping of your eyelids;
  • excitement or confusion;
  • mild itching or skin rash; or
  • unpleasant taste in your mouth;

“If a person has cash and right connections they can order any child. The pedo do a home invasion and drug all people in house. Then they film the rape of the kids” – The Justin Davis Files

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