Best of Jungle Surfer – Satan is a Jewish Transvestite Goat…Hoax


Satan is Saturn is the Zodiac sign of the Goat, Capricorn, ruled by the planet Saturn…..also known as eL, the Lord of this World, King David, Apollo, the Black Cube, the Hexagram, the Hex, the 666..and 1000 other names. Born in the Zodiac on December 25th every year. The same 666 symbols and codes you see in all of the fake Jewish religions, including the ‘Roman’ Catholic Church, and Isis-Lamb. And now proudly on display on the Isis-Ra-eL flag.

 Saturn: Capricorn 0° 33′ on December 25th. The birth day of Justin ‘True-doe$$ – a Jewish transvestite goat. When we took the screen print below, it had moved from 0 degrees 33′, to 40′. It is exact at the Masonic 33′. 

Yes, Satan is another Jew Hoax, folks – much like the Jewish trannies posing as our politicians, rich listers and entertainers…..NZ is crawling with them. Mike Bayley, Mike Hosking, Jenny Shipley, Helen Clark and Jasonderella Ardern are yet to comment. To name just a few of the Masonic oath keepers. Or ‘fake Jews’ if you will.

It would all be quite humorous – if the inbred bastards weren’t taxing us so much, kidnapping other people’s children, and poisoning our food.

The best of Jungle Surfer….even David Icke is another Jewish Dyke. And yes, you guessed it, Hitler was also a Jewish chick. The gender bending drugs give them their facial hair, or just make up mustaches and beards.

Wake the slaves – these freaks are not our leaders.


It’s one big terrorist tranny tribe…..


Jungle Surfer Chanel

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