The King was Born September 23rd – not December 25th


Following on from our previous article explaining that December 25th actually marks the birth of Satan/ Saturn in the sign of the goat/ Capricorn, we thought we better clarify this – before we get nailed to a cross in the streets by overzealous Christians, or more likely, the blood thirsty Roman Catholic Cathartics.

We are not denying there was a King, or will be again.

All the information our beloved Christians and Catholics need is of course hidden in the pages of their Bibles – the Second Book of the Babylonian Empire we still live in, or the Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth – but the problem is they have not been reading it right. In fact, if they were paying attention to their Bibles at all, they would see quite clearly in Genesis that they are not supposed to eat ‘the blood’ of animals, as this dumbs them down and makes any higher level comprehension near impossible – as per the design of their Masonic/ Jewish run church/s. Jesus ate bread and figs and certainly never sat down for a Christmas pig out on a range of dead carcasses. Fast not Fea$t.

Revelations 12 lays out the date of the Virgin birth as September 23rd, going by the universal/ astrological law of As Above So Below (the laws of astrology /light apply to us all – equally – just as the astrologically based calender and seasons  do).

This would make “Jesus” – or whatever his (?) real name was –  a Libra/ Libran. The scales of justice – of course. A ‘librarian’ of sorts  who painstakingly recorded all of the deeds of society, then weighed them all in his hands before issuing a form of judgment upon it all..and no doubt resetting the course of humanity in the process.

The ruling planet of Libra is Venus – also known as the Morning Star in astrology.

Actually both Venus and Saturn are referred to as “the Morning Star” in the Bible. David being another name for Saturn. They are also both refereed to at times as “Lucifer” of the Light Bringer”. So that gets a bit confusing.

The “Venous” system in the human body returns blood to the heart. Think – the blood of the Christ.

Venus is sometimes referred to as the heart of the Zodiac, as it makes a heart shape in the skies over it’s 225 day Zodiacal journey.

Venus is the heart chakra in Vedic astrology also.

Sharp eyes may have noticed that the Zodiac chart we included for Dec 25th shows that both Venus and Saturn were at zero degrees on Christmas Day. Spooky. The world of duality.

Probably deserves more research – but we conclude that the December 25th ‘birth of the King’ is another Masonic hoax, as one would expect, with the truth hidden nicely away where nobody will bother to look.




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