Graeme Hart – Rich List ‘Wealth’, Sodomy, Inbreeding… and Christmas


Featured Image – Graeme Hart. One of NZ’s richest men….or just the most inbred? Holds up the Globalist hand signal for sodomy for his corporate cock sucking fellow cult members at the NBR. 


New Zealand rich lister Graeme ‘All’ Hart – the ‘heroic’ tribe member who horded up large percentages of NZ’s natural resources and bundled them together so as to sell them off to foreign bankers who then proceeded to add poisons to most of our favorite foods, while quadrupling the prices for everyone,  sodomising an entire Nation in the process and then being painted up in the Jewish media as some kind of National hero –  has been invited by Media Whores to post his Christmas / Saturnalia message on inbreeding, sodomy, greed, demonic possession, and the prospects of retirement in a labour camp,  to Kiwis below….

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