The Kardashians are all Trannies


Not sure which is more dangerous – disputing the Roman Catholic Church, or disputing the Kardashians. Guess we will find out……

Yes – the Kardashian ‘sisters’ are all trannies also.

Most of the big names in unHolywood are. Its an agender. The a-gender. Just ask Jacinda

You know – the people in our societies that laugh this stuff off and call you a “conspiracy theorist” are usually the ones in on it. They are all related to each other, and have usually been so badly sodomised up their backsides as kids, they desperately defend the lies as a way of warding off the memories of their own abuse. It’s called Mk Ultra mind control – or just plain old Talmudic mind control. They are dangerous people, as they parasite the energy off you and almost always end being serial child abusers themselves. Parasites. You need to disinfect them. Some of your mates could be transgenders also – if part of this tribe – dosed up on estrogen since they were born.

Hands up who let’s their kids watch these professional sex deceivers?

Dominic Bowden is yet to comment


Disclaimer – MW is not attacking all people with gender issues, just those who feel the need to deceive the entire world as to who they are, while being paid millions by very powerful sponsors who are clearly pushing a perverted agenda. Not to mention kidnapping other people’s kids to keep as their own. 

Kardashian tranny videos below – but first a quick message from one of our non sponsors:

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