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Featured Image – our ‘fake news’ stats from today

Unsure if all comments are getting through.

Probably screened and hacked, like our statistics.

Here are the hacked stats for today. They have started showing at least one or two users on line now after we pointed out a couple weeks back that it was always showing no/ 0 users on line – even when we were logged in looking at stats. Apparently even with 500+ visitors per day, visiting an average of 5 pages each, only 50 -70 of them click on the lead articles.

A second stats system shows different numbers to the main one above – over 1,100 visitors yesterday, while only 700 shown on the one above. Both are hacked. Badly.

Our raw visitor numbers from the back end of our hosting company shows 1000 visitors in just 38 minutes, even in the middle of the day (we copied this 30 mins ago, but it shows International time). These are the only numbers that don’t seem to be hacked and means as many as 35,000 visitors over 24 hours.

And on this one – the top IP address that spends the most amount of time on our website, is not ours, but belongs to “Google Cloud” in the USA. So Google staff spend more time on our website than we do. Nice.

Nothing from Israel which is perhaps explained above – and Russia at number 4 or 5 in terms of Nations.

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