NZ’s Latest Child Killing Mysteries & Cover Ups


Featured Image – Dr Peter Uys – principle of Sir Edmund Hillary College in Auckland. The only man to comment on NZ’s most recent child killing.  Note the standard Masonic designs in the background. 


What do you call a court case in New Zealand where parents are accused of running their child over in their driveway and not only are they given a full pardon, but their names are all fully suppressed also?

It’s called a cover up.

No conviction for man who killed toddler in driveway – Herald 

Even if the official story were true, the justice system achieves nothing by refusing to release the parents names. If they are not to be convicted or taught any sort of lesson about safety, then releasing their names at least sends a clear message that you cannot kill your own child and expect to keep your privacy. To suppress the names sends the message that you can indeed kill your child and stay unnamed – which is of course the exact sort of system that the child sex traffickers running our Just Us system and Nation want.

Take a close look at some of these statements:

“Judge Patel said the man had thought another family member was taking care of his son, and in any case had driven slowly up his driveway, taking care to mitigate sunstrike, which had impaired his vision” 

So the father was driving slowly up the driveway…..

“He was leaving his own home when he heard a “big bang”. – witness, Stefan ‘Ruta’

Opps – the neighbour heard a  “big bang”.

Absolute bullshit. You do not drive slowly up your driveway and make a “big bang” when you hit a child. Nor are you likely to have killed the child. So these people are lying. Just how stupid (or corrupt) is this judge?

“A conviction would be a reminder that you caused the death of your son.” – said Judge Patel – God forbid you would want to be reminded of it.

So the question then becomes – what Church do these unnamed people belong to? Or the Freemasons maybe? Had they had any personal contact with Dr Peter Uys or other church members that day? Where had they been? And why was the school principal even asked to comment to begin with? What happened to the name suppression thing? The public are not able to look into any of that, or do any checking up on these people in their community, because their names have all been suppressed thanks to Judge Sanjay Patel. Yet somehow the media has all the details and can selectively use the names to interview hand picked ‘witnesses’ and associates such as Dr Peter Uys. The mainstream media collude with the Government and courts to cover up crime – its pure Soviet State styles.


The only incentive we can see for giving the young couple blanket protection from all scrutiny is to try and cover up the facts, or facts about who they associate with.

As we know, the NZ judiciary and Bar Association stand accused of being professional child sex and drug traffickers – so the public should be watching these judge’s decisions very carefully.

Here is another recent suspicious case – does anyone seriously think a 7 year old boy could kill anything bigger than a spider with a child’s gold club? And with one swing?

Coroner rules ‘tragic, unpreventable accident’ after girl, 3, dies from brother’s golf club swing – Herald

We would be more inclined to think that this is how the ‘club’ are covering up their crimes these days. Via elaborate stories…and complicit judiciary and coroners. Drownings seem to be the favorite means of explaining away a child’s death.

We are not claiming that this case, or any case below are related to NZ’s masonic child abuse rings – but we do know that the judiciary help cover it all up and when the judges are awarding full name suppression despite there being no doubt who did the killing, it starts to look very suspicious.

We see these tragic child deaths in our media every week – but when a judge starts covering up the details – it starts to look suspicious and can also make innocent parents who have lost a child look suspect.

So why do they do it?

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