Best of the Summer BBQ Animal Slaughter House Videos


Coward – a person who likes to eat the backside of a cow, but doesn’t like to see where it comes from. 


And now for some light background entertainment for those long hot summer family BBQ’s.

Readers are reminded that you are what you eat.

Lamb to the slaughter – with the wool pulled over your eyes – being fleeced. Blood, violence, deception, horror…. and an eventual painful death, usually as patients in one of the Rothschild owned hospitals or retirement home death camps. The human farming system they run is no different, rest assured.

And this is what you feed your children also. Guaranteeing them a life of servitude and illness also.

That is unfortunately how the Universe works – and why the Jewish / Semitic Kabbalists surround you with fast food outlets and advertisements for dead carcasses, with salt and sauce on them to make it edible. They know how the science works. You feed on the ‘blood’ sacrifice’ and violence so that is what you become and in turn what you get.

A ‘modern day’ society full of demonic, blood addicted, violent, brainwashed killers and cowards.  Marching off to McDonalds, and to war, and off the cliff together… like lemmings. Worshiping the Jewish/ Semitic transvestites on the 6 o’clock news as their leaders and saviors, while waiting for the burgers to fry.

You came from monkeys after all – you live on a magic gravity ball flying through space – and your fake Jewish/ Semitic/ Abrahamic God of never ending pedophilia want’s you to torture, murder and eat his other sentient creations around the Globe….so you can all ascend into heaven, where Jesus is rumoured to be serving up a free 24 hour kebab buffet.

Besides, Ritchie McCaw likes BBQ’s.

Dear God – rescue us from the ‘religious’, from their false idols, Jewish masonic media, educations, fake science and beliefs. And from the Jewish trannies of course also. Sincerely, your dedicated Media Whore in Babylon.

For good measure, they also pump the dead carcasses full of antibiotics, chemicals, mercury and GMO based vaccines which are slowly turning you and your family into chemically castrated obese and dumbed down transvestites, with a cap of up to 30 more years to live, before the mercury sets in. They have to do it slowly, or else the lamb of God would eventually figure it out. Meat is their primary poison delivery system, before the chemtrails and fluoridated water.

If you are at all concerned with the way the World is going and the inbred freaks that are running it – maybe start by taking a close look at your diet first..and how often you feel the need to chomp down blood and violence to ‘sustain’ yourself.

You are poisoning your own blood – in short. And thus your own body and mind.

Halal (straight out of hell) is no doubt the worst of it. Another semitic ritual, designed to enslave the Goy consumers. Same as the perverted religions.

If you are unable to watch these videos, but happily spend your money supporting these farming processes – rest assured you are the exact person we describe above. A sheeple and a coward, addicted to blood and violence and trapped in an animal state of consciousness. A lamb to the slaughter – the wages of breaking God’s law, as clearly laid out in that book you pretend to read – do not kill.


Bon Appetit


Your body does not need “Iron” – that is what cars are made of if you look carefully. You need iron phosphate and it is found in most greens. Nor does it need protein. It is all fake masonic demonic science – just like Nasa. 


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One thought on “Best of the Summer BBQ Animal Slaughter House Videos”

  1. Cat says:

    Jews are not Semetic
    Jews are not Hebrews
    Jews are not the Sons of Abraham
    Jews are the Serpent Seed of Genesis 3:15 through Cain
    Whose Father was Satan
    Who beguiled Eve in the Garden of Eden
    John 8:44
    Matthew 13:30
    Matthew 23:33
    Obadiah 1:18
    Revelation 21:1
    They are the Tares
    the seed that was planted into the Garden (world) by the wicked one
    Albeit a temporal condition
    Creations Origin earth
    They are not Israel
    They are not White Adamic
    Adam – of a ruddy complexion – to show blood in the face – to blush
    Jews cannot blush
    They are Asiatic now and then
    Now Ashkenazi
    Then Sephardic
    Nowhere in the Bible is it to be found Jesus YAHWASUA (Sua – Deliver) was a Jew
    That the Jews are YAHWAH Gods chosen people i.e His ELOHEEM Children Who He took out of Himself and Who existed in heaven with YAHWAH God before the Foundation of the World
    Or that the Jews are Israel
    World Governments – the Beast of Revelation 13:1
    Like Christianity – the Beast of Revelation 13:11
    Have been infiltrated corrupted taken over and are controlled by the Khazar Jews
    And like Governments are being run as business’s
    In the United States as 501 (c) 3 Tax Exempt Corporations
    God is not a Name but a Generic Term a Title
    Like Jesus Christ Two Titles
    Meaning anointed Messiah
    Or in the Greek Iesous
    Son of Zeus
    the Most High Greek God
    The Name of the True living God of the Bible – YAHWAH (Not yahweh which is a jewish distraction – like Yeshua)) – has been removed from the Bible over 6500 times
    And replaced with the generic God and Lord
    Lord is Baal in English
    Christians inadvertently unwittingly and unknowingly Worship Satan the Devil that Old Serpent
    the Name of His ELOHEEM (Not Elohiym) children removed over 2600 times
    There is not one thing christianity – Judaised – teachs that is true
    It is all about filling pews
    Homo sexuals gay couples pedophiles rapists mixed race
    Doesn’t matter
    Tolerance diversity understanding equality evolution
    All condemned in the Bible
    Like eating anything off a pig – don’t touch the carcass
    Endorsed by Parliament with a Conscience Vote
    All this from Democracy
    As long as You’re putting something in the plate and not flicking the bottom of it its all good
    When do You reckon people are going to get it?
    When YAHWAH God wakes them up
    the creation will always be asleep and will never have any knowledge
    Because it is not for them
    the Bible is the most racist Book ever written
    Because it is only talking to one group of people
    Never a Land Mass
    Never a Geographical Location
    Never a Country
    Nor a piece of dirt

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