Transpocolypse – Jacinda Ardern v’s the ‘Zionist’ Israeli State


Featured Image – our latest Jewish Queen, Jacinda Ardern


Ja – ju – the vowels are all interchangeable in Hebrew.

Cinder – to burn, fire, remains. Think Holocaust

Adorn – to decorate or add life and beauty to. 

Jacinda Ardern – to add beauty and life to the Jewish Holocaust. 

The Jewish Holy Cause never ended folks. They were just busy setting up their military base in Israel while we were all fed Jewish Hollywood and rock music.  World anal domination is the end goal. With your iPhone inserted up your rectum so you can pay for food and be better tracked.

“New Zealand has always had an independent foreign policy” – Jason Derella

And yet somehow NOT ONE NZ MP has ever mentioned one word about Jewish involvement in the staged 911 terror attacks, or any of the staged terrorism since, while supporting all of the illegal wars that have followed and all agreeing on laws that removed our privacy.  What a load of shit.

Here is the low down folks – since staging 911, the war of terror and the Global Financial Crisis, the Jewish Masonic bankers have managed to collapse the World’s economies, pump them all full of counterfeit Rothschild debt, then buy up all of the state owned assets at pennies on the dollar (usually using offshore front companies to give a ‘multicultural feel to their wholesale theft and fraud) – and simply invaded and bombed the Nation’s that refused to go along with it all, killing and murdering an estimated 5 or 6 million people in the process.

Now that the job is done – and the New World Order hi-tech wireless plumbing in place – the Jewish tribe will use the fake liberal trannies they have put in place around the World to pose as ‘opposition’ to the very much hated Israeli/ Apartheid/ Nazi/ Zionist/ Jewish state – most likely eventuating in some kind of ‘peace’ deal, with the Jewish tranny left held up as the saviors of the World, with the Jewish right still owning everything, and spying on everything you do to boot.

Welcome to the New Jew World Order – same as the Old Jew World Order – but with better technology..and Universal Sodomy Rights.

Our money is on Prince Harry and his new transvestite ‘wife’ leading the charge. On TV at least. A script/ure straight  out of Tel Aviv.

No progress however on any of the pedophilia scandals still breaking out across most of the Nations and industries these people ‘touch’.

A reasonable man might conclude that raping kids is in fact their food. Without which they would all start to starve.

All they do is deceive. Everything they do is deception.

Brendon O’Connell, Kelvin Davis MP & Serial Child Sex Offenders Being Bribed in Government



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