Transpocolypse – the Jewish Illuminati Trannies v’s the Israeli Jewish State


Featured Image – a politically correct Lorde (real name Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor) takes on the Israeli / Jewish State. The Nation’s graphic designers are all away attending new age dance parties, but cutting around that hair would take weeks anyway. ‘Patchwork’ art is apt.


“I don’t say tranny” – opps, I just did. In fact I made a poster with the word “tranny” and then posted it all over the internet, to um, stop people saying it. #1984. A bit like the Jewish Queen Taika Waititi and his “Give nothing to racism” promotion… of racism.

It’s like a Monty Python Show watching this inbred gang put together their plans for Worldwide anal domination.

How do you know when the elite Jewish trannies on the news are lying to you?

They open their mouths.

The World is run by elite Jews. Most of them appear to be trannies. Like the scenes from the movie Hunger Games, these gender confused rich listers all like to dress up as women (or men, as the case may be) and prance around dancing and then arguing with each other for the cameras, while the latest ‘Jewish holocaust’ is rolled out around the Western World, genociding as many human beings as they can via the corporations and governments they own and run.

The elite left Jews (most of them trannies) are in a constant sort of family feud with the right wing Jews, who generally speaking hold the purse strings and are often the very same Jews that molested the left Jews to begin with. It is fair to say that emotions can run quite high.

But the idea that his Lordeship has now decided to go to war with the very same people that made him/her wealthy and famous to begin with – is wholly ridiculous.


Palestinian children have been shot at, killed and otherwise abused the entire time that Lorde was prancing around at the Jewish elite music awards, scooping up all of the ‘female’ prizes.

So why all the fuss now?

Well – its the tranny apocolypse of course.

The elite Jewish trannies, now placed firmly in power around the World via fake TV elections and Hollywood –  will now be used by the murderous right wing Jews as fake opposition to the Jewish State – most likely culminating in some kind of “peace deal” eventually – with the help of Trump’s Jewish transvestite family – thus securing the elite left wing Jewish trannies the position of Palestine and the World’s saviors – with the TV addicted and chemically dumbed down public none the wiser, as per usual, that all of the sides in the battle they just watched were all Jews anyway – and that Jews now still rule over them, as they have always done, with the manufactured wars all over and replaced with a manufactured peace instead.

Pure theater.

If Lorde had any inkling towards ‘her’ fellow human beings and truth at all – she could come out and state that the Earth is Flat,  for one – or that NASA is a another Jewish Hoax – or that the Holocaust doesn’t add up – or simply that Jews staged the 911 attacks and run ISIS and the entire war of terror – or perhaps just finally come out of her closet, hand back his music awards and admit that Jewish trannies are not really in charge at all and are just the ‘left’ front men & women for the New Jew World Order – same as the old Jew World Order.

If Lorde is on some sort of moral crusade – perhaps she would like to start by handing back all of those ‘female’ music awards ‘she’won? Only truth will set you free.

Hope that helps clear things up.

The Freemasons even painted the whole story around the Denver Airport to make it easier for the Goy to follow….

Legal – some say fake Jews. 

Gal Cadot – the Israeli Transgender Miss Universe Holocaust Survivor Hoax

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