Tribute to Sirius


Featured Image – the star Sirius, or some hippy’s interpretation there of. The brightest star in the sky, after the Sun & Moon. 

This is a new record. On the new years eve…….on track for over 72,000. Doing better than Thor if you consider the budgets involved. Although we suspect they are now hacking this one also….

No matter where you are on this material Plane at around midnight tonight, the star Sirius will be directly above your head. What we call New Years Eve.

Thus why we all fire sky rockets into space at midnight. This is a tribute to Sirius, and cleverly designed to insure that nobody actually notices.

The mainstream media stare the lamb away from such stuff – because it tends to empower people, thereby making it much harder to get a hold of their children. They refer to such things as “conspiracy theories” instead.

Sirius is actually our sister Sun, in a binary system together and thus the exact cycle, with some claiming the two Sun’s eventually swap positions in the sky. Accompanied by a complete pole shift. Unsure if true although certainly seems to be a fair amount of shifting going on.

One is magnetic, the other is electric. There is no electric without the magnetic and vice versa.

Possibly also the logic behind choosing the acronym “ISIS” for the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service terrorists who are spying on us all these days, and running our immigration system. It puts people off looking any further into it..

No need to fear it – it was placed there for reason.

Gen 1:14 – Astro Logos – the word of God. Who is Light but not the so called Creator.


I keep developing a God complex on acid. Anyone else experience something similar? from LSD

Music compliments of A White Man Dancing…..

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