Mike McRoberts on the Latest Mainstream Media Pedophile Scandals


Featured Image – Mike McRoberts, the media whores’ leading man and slime ball extraordinaire. Perfect hair, always. And a rather Jewish looking nose, with the customary omission of any family info on his Wiki page. 


Media Whores is on time and a half today, so thought we would just keep going……

New Zealand media is a “child sex abuse and child drug movement”. – Spymaster 

Given it is starting to look a lot like everyone on TV is either a pedophile or an Mk Ultra pedophilia victim  – we thought we would ask Mike McRoberts for comment on the latest media and Hollywood pedophile scandals. We suspect he might be away however at another glamorous all expenses paid Jewish transvestite magazine shoot for the holy days.

No doubt one of the tribe will point this out to him soon, so we invite him to comment anyway. What percentage of the folks we see on TV are pedophiles? How many are secret trannies? Is it true that 90% of you are taking prescription psychotic drugs? Is it true you are all related to each other? Just out of interest.

Mike McRoberts has sold more bullshit to the New Zealand public than that lunatic Mad Butcher.

In the ideal World he would have all of his assets seized off him and see out his days in one of the yet to be announced organic labour camp dairy farm conversions.

The man is a first class degenerate slime-ball and his entire career has been based on lies as far as we can tell. A professional liar and one of the best at that. Paid to deceive the Nation – we shudder to even think what he gets up to outside of work – but advise readers to never let these media types anywhere near your children.

Possibly even the Media Whore of the Year. Nominated now at least. Technically he is in fact a war criminal.

First – a little background info on the media’s ‘leading men’….

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